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T.I. – What You Know (Slander Festival Rap Edit)

0 Comments 02 May 2014

Kick your weekend off with this massive edit from LA duo . The guys are fairly unknown in the mainstream EDM scene but are getting love from big names like and who are dropping their remixes in sets. Keep the party going with more of their work HERE.

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Chrome Sparks – Goddess

0 Comments 30 April 2014

If you haven’t hear yet, now’s a good time to get to know him. Jeremy Malvin has been making avant-garde electronic music under the moniker for a couple years and though we’ve taken notice, his latest offering Goddess can’t go untalked about. On Goddess Malvin creates a musical dreamscape falling somewhere between and , adjacent to . Give a listen to two standouts below, the title track “Goddess” and “Lost in the Chrome Forest” then head HERE to buy it.


StB does Coachella 2014

0 Comments 17 April 2014

And we’re on our way. See you in the dessert my friends.

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Laid Back Remixes

0 Comments 26 March 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a bunch of music, so check out some of favorite laid back remixes of late.  First up ’s ‘feided’ mix of track “Brain” followed by smoothing out the upbeat “Mississippi” by .  Then the incomparable are tranquilized by , ending with a slowmo remix of ′s “Sleepwalking” by .  Enjoy!

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Wye Oak – “Glory”

0 Comments 18 March 2014

Baltimore indie rock duo Wye Oak reinvent themselves on their fourth album sans-guitar. Check out the jumpy previous single “The Tower” if you missed it and then listen to their latest offering above “Glory”. Both tracks are from Shriek which is due out on Merge Records April 29th.

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Pharrell – “Happy (Robots With Rayguns Remix)”

0 Comments 28 February 2014

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about our boy even though he’s been kicking out some fresh remixes and cool originals over the past few months, but this one is a pretty big deal. The man behind the machines Lucas Smith puts his unique spin on one of the biggest songs out right now and, as usual, it’s better than the original (IMO). Check out RWR’s steel drum laden version of ’s “Happy” above and enjoy your Friday. Also notable, the track has only been up on SoundCloud for a day and has already exceeded 12k plays so we’re happy for you RWR.

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Touch Sensitive – “Slowments”

0 Comments 26 February 2014

From the maker of last year’s retro smash “Pizza Guy” comes this 7 minute burner “Slowments”. With only a few originals to his name Australia’s has quickly come to the forefront of the electronic music boasting over 40k plays in 12 hours. And what’s better is the track is up for free download in promotion of his tour, get it HERE.

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Tycho – “Spectre”

0 Comments 21 February 2014

does it again. The third single from his upcoming album Awake, “Spectre”, is a guitar driven cruise through the Sahara at midnight. Awake is due out March 18th on Ghostly International.

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Grizfolk – “The Struggle (RAC Mix)”

0 Comments 18 February 2014

Another remix that’s nothing but net. This time taking the alt-folk group ’s hit “The Struggle” to a whole ‘nother echelon. Nothing else to say, enjoy!

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Grimes – “Be A Body (DEADBEAR Remix)”

0 Comments 11 February 2014

Check out this beautiful remix of ’s “Be A Body” by UK producer .  It’s one of those remixes that made me go back and listen to the original to remember how far it was taken.  I’ll give you a hint, far.  The term spacious is thrown around a lot these days, ’s desert production here makes most ambient producers sound like shoebox makers.  Have a relaxed morning with this one.

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