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No Comments 11 November 2013

Saturday night took The Satellite stage in LA alongside Big Tree and headliner .  Aside from their set being fixed between the two formidable acts, one could have mistaken their confident and energetic live show as the headliner.  Formerly Le Blorr, SWIMM is the newest incarnation of Florida natives and high school friends Chris Hess and Adam Winn.  The five-piece took the stage amidst a DIY set full of glittery space age wrapping paper (or spaper as my buddy dubbed it) to a growing crowd.  Though the band only has the 5-song Feel EP to their name they filled their time slot to the brim playing the whole record and more including personal favorite “Wanderer”.  Their unique blend of shoegaze, brit and 70′s rock–that can only be classified as good ol’ indie rock–was very well met by the audience that seemed to mostly be awaiting the headliner.  The crowd was quickly won over, encouraged by SWIMM’s impassioned performance.  What may have made them all the more likable might have been lead singer Chris’s humble crowd interactions.  For all their stage charisma the band was extremely thankful to the audience and genuinely excited to share the stage with bands they respected, which was refreshing.  All in all, SWIMM put on an amazing performance that lived up to the hopes of those that came to see them and won over new fans song by song.  If you haven’t heard the Feel EP, you should check it out, it’s a must listen of 2013.  And if this band comes through your town you should be going.

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The 1979 – “Girls (The Knocks Remix)”

No Comments 06 November 2013

Something to liven up your hump day.  One of our new favorite bands of 2013 remixed by one of our all time favorite production outfits.   take ′s sugary pop ballad “Girls” and shove it straight into the middle of a dance circle.  The NYC guys have a knack for making remixes not sound like remixes and more like a new production all their own.  Enjoy, oh and free download!

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Darkside – “Paper Trails”

No Comments 23 October 2013

Fresh off the release of their great debut album Psychic, (the duo of producer and guitarist Dave Harrington) have announced a tour for 2014.  Check out the dates below.

One of the highlights of the album is the slow burning guitar driven Paper Trails, featuring ethereal vocals from Jaar.  The guitar lines definitely call back to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore and make the point that Darkside probably got their name from the Floyd’s classic album.

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Dam Funk & Snoopzilla – 7 Days of Funk – “Faden Away”

No Comments 21 October 2013

In what has to be a dream come true for Dam-Funk and Stones Throw Records, Dam has collaborated with , going by Snoopzilla–a tribute to Bootsy Collins–on an album as .  The album is out December 10th via Stones Throw.  The first single, “Faden Away”, is probably the funkiest cut Snoop has been on since the 90′s.  Stones Throw is quick to point out that this is the first album Snoop has collaborated with only one producer on since his debut Doggystyle.  If Snoop and Dam made an album half as good as that one it will be a classic.  Until December we’ll just have to keep funkin’ to the single.

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Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind”

No Comments 17 October 2013

After first releasing their new single at specific billboards only, have now shared the video for Free Your Mind, the first single from their upcoming LP of the same name (out November 5th on Loma Vista/Modular). The track shows ’s 90′s house influences and will definitely work to get the party started on the festival circuit.

P.S. Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard as a cult leader.

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Jay Tee – “My Love (The DFA Remix)”

No Comments 15 October 2013

James Murphy has resurrected “The ” remix moniker for an unexpected mix of a hit from 2006.  Getting rid of the signature skittering Timbaland production and TI vocals, the remix goes with a backing track that fits more in line with what fans of and expect from the label.  The bassline is absolutely killer and the disco sound suits the track perfectly.  In their tweet about the track Records referred to it as part of Throwback Fridays.  I think we are all hoping this will not be the last remix in that series.

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Tycho – “Awake”

No Comments 14 October 2013

Our favorite dreamscape painter is back with a new single “Awake”.  The track is a beautiful piece that could fit easily within the confines of his 2012 record Dive.  Basically this is a “if it ain’t broke” mentality I can get on board with.  The full length is due out in 2014 via Ghostly International.

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Dan Croll – “Home”

No Comments 11 October 2013

British indie artist caught our ears last year with the catchy “From Nowhere” and earlier in 2013 with the quirky pop tracks “Compliment Your Soul” and “In/Out”.  The eclectic musician is set to release another single next month entitled “Home”.  The song is a more straightforward approach for Croll but still possesses his signature style involving massive vocal harmonies and a variety of unconventional instruments.  The single will be backed by the yet unheard “Eyes Together” and released November 24th.

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Mirror Talk – “Don’t”

No Comments 03 October 2013

defines themselves on their Facebook page as + + Martin Hannett, which is pretty dead on.  The first single from their upcoming EP “Don’t” sounds like an all-star writing collaboration between the former two produced by the late great co-founder of Factory Records.  It could be the perfect new wave song but it contains a level of passion that isn’t met by current bands of the genre setting it apart into its own category.  It comes down to singer Court Alexander’s performance on the track.  It’s one thing to have a great voice, it’s another to be a great singer which he shows to the fullest extent in the song’s closing remarks from 3:30 on.  Listen to “Don’t” below from the EP due out November 9th.

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Chad Valley – “Real Time”

No Comments 01 October 2013

released this song as a free download today to promote his current tour with the equally awesome .  A typical Chad Valley track featuring his signature full bodied production and distinct vocals, “Real Time” is a giant nostalgia bomb erupting in your ears.  Make sure you catch the two synthpop powers on tour, see the schedule below.

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