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Theophilus London & A$AP Rocky – “Big Spender”

No Comments 20 April 2012

Here’s a pretty awesome collab between StB fav and Harlem upstart .  DJ Carnage provides the Motown horn infused beat while the two flow about some Australian swag.

Theophilus London & ASAP Rocky – “Big Spender”

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Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty”

No Comments 11 April 2012

is back with his first album since 2007′s None Shall Pass and it’s shaping up to be pretty great already.  Both the artwork (above) for Skelethon and the first single “Zero Dark Thirty” are awesome.  Skelethon is due out July 10th via Rhymesayers.

Aesop Rock “Zero Dark Thirty”

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Childish Gambino – “Eat Your Vegetables”

No Comments 04 April 2012

’s tour might be on hold due to a fractured foot but “Eat Your Vegetables” says he’s still hard at work.  Dropping anti-similes* than an entire Lil Wayne album, Glover takes a stab at hip-hop’s current wave of monotone, stoned out style and pulls it off with a tad more wit.  I am a professed fan of   but I have to admit I probably wouldn’t have posted this song if it weren’t for the Donkey Kong Country water level sampling.

Childish Gambino – “Eat Your Vegetables”
* not to be used without the written consent of SLAPtheBASS, LLC

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Gorillaz + James Murphy + Andre 3000

No Comments 01 March 2012

Let’s be honest first off, Converse has done the “3 artists, 1 song” collaboration several times, and every time the outcome is forgettable at best, if not just bad.  I guess it’s time to forgive them because after all the missteps they managed to wrangle three of the coolest artists in the music biz into one studio.  Seriously, there might not be a more cool–and credible–combo than this.  Not only is the song good, but you can you can actually hear the individual inputs on “Do Ya Thing” .  The music sounds exactly equal parts and , while the quirky chorus must be directly ripped from a Love Below outtake–that is until Mr. 3000 decides to absolutely unleash on the track leaving everyone with the insatiable desire for new .  If you haven’t heard it yet, give it a go.

Gorillaz, James Murphy, Andre 3000 – “Do Ya Thing”

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Star Slinger – “Chain Dumbin’”

No Comments 05 January 2012

got the opportunity to record with two of his all-time favorite hip-hop stars and in this rework of his recent collaboration with Reggie B.  Now titled “Chain Dumbin’”, the added give the British beatsmith’s work some real southern flavor.  Yet another dope track sponsored by Mtn Dew’s Green Sound Label.  Head HERE download this, the original “Dumbin’”, and remix.

Star Slinger – “Chain Dumbin’ (Ft. Juicy J, Project Pat, Reggie B)”

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Drake – “Club Paradise”

No Comments 12 September 2011

gave away this pensive track over the weekend on his October’s Very Own site.  Lyrically the song is well traversed territory for the Toronto rapper.  ”Club Paradise” finds Drake contemplating relationships with women, dealing with fame, trust issues, and repping his hometown.  Somehow Drake and producer 40 can keep the same formula and still sound fresh.

Drake – “Club Paradise”

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New XV Tracks

No Comments 12 September 2011

After somewhat of a silence is back with a couple tracks up for free download.  The first is an Inception inspired song entitled “The Kick”.  The produced beat even samples Hans Zimmer’s “Time” from Inception soundtrack.  The second, “Batteries”, is probably getting posted solely for containing Ninja Turtles, Scarface, and X-Men references all in one song.  The track features and is produced by .

XV – “The Kick (prod. by DJ Tech-Neek)”

XV – “Batteries (feat. Trae Tha Truth)”

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Clams Casino – “Wizard”

No Comments 26 July 2011

The latest installment of The Adult Swim Singles Program is a new track from hazed out producer .  On “Wizard” Volpe sticks to his guns with blown out bass and fuzzed up hand claps, but in lieu of a distorted sample to provide the melody he shows his own keyboard prowess with an array of layered synths.  Listen below and download HERE.

Clams Casino – “Wizard”


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Theophilus London – “Field of Dreams”

No Comments 07 July 2011

In preparation for the release of his debut album Timez Are Weird These Days on July 19th, will be giving away assorted items (e.g. unreleased songs, videos, remixes, clothes).  The first article, the song “Field of Dreams”.  The produced track was originally recorded for the LP but will included on the Prince TL mixtape due out this fall.  Listen and download below.

Theophilus London – “Field of Dreams”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Download – “Field of Dreams”

[via Herfection]

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Chiddy Bang – “Mind Your Manners”

1 Comment 06 July 2011

It’s been quite awhile since there has been a update around here, but that doesn’t mean the duo hasn’t stayed busy.  They’ve been performing at festivals around the country (see Bonnaroo) alongside players like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and .  And after setting the world record for the longest freestyle, they’ve released the first single from their long awaited and upcoming debut album “Breakfast”.  With a catchy chorus and an energetic feel, the upbeat tune could catch some buzz in the pop world.  Check it out.

Chiddy Bang – “Mind Your Manners”


If you can’t wait until July 17th for “Breakfast”, snack on the latest full length mixtape “Peanut Butter and Swelly” available on their Bandcamp page, which includes a sample and some nice work with .

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