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Tokyo Police Club – “ARGENTINA (PARTS I, II, III)”

No Comments 11 December 2013

have been known to write short indie rock songs and take their sweet time between albums, they broke one of the molds with the single from their first album of original work in 3 years. Clocking in just shy of 9-minutes, “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” beats their longest song by 5-minutes. It doesn’t quite sound like the Canadian crew we’re used to, but it feels like an unsurprising spot for them to land as they’ve matured through their last two full lengths. We’re eager for more.

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Gardens & Villa – “Bullet Train”

No Comments 21 November 2013

’s newest single “Bullet Train” is a real earworm (in a good way).  The track slinks through the haze created by wavey synths and reverb-laden guitar subtly digging further into your head hook by hook.  By the end you’ll be singing along and you don’t even know the words.  The song is featured on the band’s second album Dune, due out February 4th on Secretly Canadian.

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No Comments 11 November 2013

Saturday night took The Satellite stage in LA alongside Big Tree and headliner .  Aside from their set being fixed between the two formidable acts, one could have mistaken their confident and energetic live show as the headliner.  Formerly Le Blorr, SWIMM is the newest incarnation of Florida natives and high school friends Chris Hess and Adam Winn.  The five-piece took the stage amidst a DIY set full of glittery space age wrapping paper (or spaper as my buddy dubbed it) to a growing crowd.  Though the band only has the 5-song Feel EP to their name they filled their time slot to the brim playing the whole record and more including personal favorite “Wanderer”.  Their unique blend of shoegaze, brit and 70′s rock–that can only be classified as good ol’ indie rock–was very well met by the audience that seemed to mostly be awaiting the headliner.  The crowd was quickly won over, encouraged by SWIMM’s impassioned performance.  What may have made them all the more likable might have been lead singer Chris’s humble crowd interactions.  For all their stage charisma the band was extremely thankful to the audience and genuinely excited to share the stage with bands they respected, which was refreshing.  All in all, SWIMM put on an amazing performance that lived up to the hopes of those that came to see them and won over new fans song by song.  If you haven’t heard the Feel EP, you should check it out, it’s a must listen of 2013.  And if this band comes through your town you should be going.

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The Dismemberment Plan – Uncanney Valley

No Comments 06 November 2013

Rating: 7.5/10

Sitting behind my desk at work, morning coffee in hand and celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary with my wife (and also fellow Plan nut), I was ready to be blown away. As long as I had listened to , I had never had the privilege of buying any of their records on release day. I was introduced to them via my now-wife not long after Change was released and quickly absorbed every second of music I could from them. I was 17 then and their records have provided a soundtrack for my life over the past 12 years. Emergency & I is still one of my all-time favorite albums, earning my rarely doled out “perfect” album ribbon. But being able to snag a new Plan album on release day was new territory and this was my most-anticipated record of the year.

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Candy Claws – Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time

No Comments 26 August 2013

Rating: 7.5/10

As a self-proclaimed fan of shoegaze and dream pop, I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of times I hear bands with those tags show lots of potential but get too lost in the mood or soundscape they are creating. Regardless of how impressive the layered textures and sounds are, if there isn’t just that little something extra in terms of a hook or distinguishable parts, I am likely to enjoy the record a few times and rarely come back to it again once the newness has worn off. While Colorado-based has toed that line in the past, their latest effort has enough grounding structure to create something both dreamy and catchy at the same time.

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Dead Gaze – “I Found the Ending”

No Comments 06 August 2013

Digging through a ton of backlogged tracks I found this saved post.  Under the moniker , Mississippi’s R. Cole Furlow records weird and eccentric pop that focuses on a dense layers and textures.  The mix on “I Found the Ending” is thick and muddy without being hindering, letting the hooks shine through.  The track is featured on the self-titled release from earlier this year–which apparently is a compilation of old DIY recordings and some new stuff.  Grab a copy of Dead Gaze HERE via FatCat Records.

Dead Gaze – “I Found the Ending”

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Frankie Rose – “Sorrow”

No Comments 02 August 2013

A track named “Sorrow” that makes me happy.  The always impressive is back with a new album and a fuller, more lush sound.  ”Sorrow” builds layers of synths and vocals atop the band’s post-punk riffs creating a cinematic quality worth a listen (or seven).  The record, Herein Wild, is due out on Fat Possum Records September 24th.

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MINKS – Tides End

No Comments 26 July 2013

are set to release their second record Tides End on August 6th via Captured Tracks.  The sound of the new album is notably different from the debut which has a lot to do with frontman/songwriter Sonny Kilfoyle’s departure from New York City to cure some writer’s block.  Favorite track so far, “Everything’s Fine”, best demonstrates this escapism as a plodding bass gives way to a beautiful landscape of eclectic noises and a dreamy chorus.  So far all three tracks heard are outstanding making this release highly anticipated in this office.  Listen to the driving “Margot” and rocking “Painted Indian” below and preorder HERE.

MINKS – “Everything’s Fine”
MINKS – “Margot”

MINKS – “Painted Indian”

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Free Future Classic Tunes

No Comments 28 June 2013

Need to start your weekend off right?  Future Classic, the record label extraordinaire, released a collection of tunes for free downloads for a mere 24 hours.  The collection consists of tracks from Flume, , Poolside, , , and more.  Head HERE to get it while it’s hot and check out some of our favorites from the set below.

Flight Facilities – “With You (Ft. Grovesnor)”

Mitzi – “Morning Light”

New Navy – “Zimbabwe”

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Ski Lodge – “Just To Be Like You”

No Comments 25 April 2013

The term conjures posh images of the privileged chuckling around a warm fire in a lavish room adorned with way too many dead animals.  The Brooklyn indie poppers by the same name have nothing to do with that.  Though they share a similar musical pallet with preppy peers Vampire Weekend, shares little of the sunny disposition.  ”Just To Be Like You” is the disheartening realization that the son will likely grow up to be just like his lousy father told through a rather upbeat jangly pop sound.  See them in your neck of the woods.

Ski Lodge – “Just To Be Like You”

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