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mewithoutyou – “East Enders Wives”

1 Comment 01 May 2012

We had to wait three years for a glimpse of a new , but after just a month we have our second sound from the upcoming release.  ”East Enders Wives” is less of a rocker more reminiscent of their last two albums focusing more on the lyrical prowess of lead singer Aaron Weiss.  Ten Stories is due out in only a couple weeks.

mewithoutyou – “East Enders Wives”

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mewithoutyou – “February, 1878″

No Comments 09 April 2012

One of my all time favorites are creeping back into relevance with their first album since 2009.   will be releasing Ten Stories via their own label Pine Street Music Collection on May 15th.  ”February, 1878″, not to be confused with “January, 1979“, is the opener and finds that the guys haven’t lost their touch.  Definitely one of the only bands that can mix so many styles into one song without losing impact or coming off pretentious.  Still one of my favorite bands since they blew my mind at a Norma Jean show almost a decade ago.

mewithoutyou – “February, 1878″

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Funeral For a Friend – “You Want Romance (Futurecop! Remix)”

No Comments 31 January 2012

continue their childlike whimsicality with another outside the box remix this time of post-hardcore troupe Funeral For a Friend.  Yet another stellar piece from the electronic duo.  Be sure to check out their recent “The Movie OST” if you haven’t already HERE.

Funeral For a Friend – “You Want Romance (Futurecop! Remix.)”

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