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Keep Shelly in Athens – “Old Time Glory”

No Comments 20 January 2014

released this track in homage of the departure of longstanding collaborator and singer, Sarah P.  She’s leaving is order to focus on her other projects.  Sarah and RΠЯ have worked together as a duo since 2010 so it will be interesting to hear future recordings sans Sarah P.  A new KSiA album is to be announced later this year.

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Carousel – “Into The Night”

No Comments 20 November 2013

LA synthpop duo are back with what may be their best work yet, which is saying something about the up and comers who have been dominating Hypem and other music blogs for the past year.  Lyrically the guys stay on common ground, driving off “Into the Night” with a new fling, but musically they have really tightened to basically hit nothing but that nostalgic sweet spot for 4 minutes.  Great music for your hump day.

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Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind”

No Comments 17 October 2013

After first releasing their new single at specific billboards only, have now shared the video for Free Your Mind, the first single from their upcoming LP of the same name (out November 5th on Loma Vista/Modular). The track shows ’s 90′s house influences and will definitely work to get the party started on the festival circuit.

P.S. Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard as a cult leader.

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Mirror Talk – “Don’t”

No Comments 03 October 2013

defines themselves on their Facebook page as + + Martin Hannett, which is pretty dead on.  The first single from their upcoming EP “Don’t” sounds like an all-star writing collaboration between the former two produced by the late great co-founder of Factory Records.  It could be the perfect new wave song but it contains a level of passion that isn’t met by current bands of the genre setting it apart into its own category.  It comes down to singer Court Alexander’s performance on the track.  It’s one thing to have a great voice, it’s another to be a great singer which he shows to the fullest extent in the song’s closing remarks from 3:30 on.  Listen to “Don’t” below from the EP due out November 9th.

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Chad Valley – “Real Time”

No Comments 01 October 2013

released this song as a free download today to promote his current tour with the equally awesome .  A typical Chad Valley track featuring his signature full bodied production and distinct vocals, “Real Time” is a giant nostalgia bomb erupting in your ears.  Make sure you catch the two synthpop powers on tour, see the schedule below.

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Twin Shadow – “Old Love / New Love”

No Comments 13 September 2013

is back with a new single for the latest GTA installment. Even writing a song for a video game we find him no less dramatic. The track begins with the Lewis crooning love lost over a lonely piano only to break into house chords and a super catchy chorus. Soon enough the dam breaks releasing the pending sonic flood and finally bookending with an emotive exit reflecting the intro. If it took a video game to get to release a track like this, sign him up for more.

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St. Lucia – “Too Close”

No Comments 12 September 2013

With the highly anticipated release of When The Night edging on the horizon, releases one of their best tracks yet, which is a lofty goal.  This time Grobler and friends focus heavily on an synth opus of Styx proportion letting the few vocals that join come soaring in above.  After the “Too Close” roller coaster you exit into a delicate tropical carnival to soothe any awesome-sickness you may have acquired.  When The Night‘s October 8th due date can’t come soon enough.

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Magic Man – “Every Day”

No Comments 05 September 2013

’s new single “Every Day” falls right in line with the wonderful trend of infectious electro indie rock.  It’s got everything without feeling forced: roaring tom fills, rhythmic muted guitar plucks, soaring woah oh oh oh‘s, colorful synths, you get the picture.  Listen if you like , , or –who they’re appropriately currently on tour with.  It’s still hot as hell here so I’m cranking this one and calling it another summer jam.  The track is the first single from the upcoming EP You Are Here due out September 10th.

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Holy Ghost! – “Okay”

No Comments 21 August 2013

has been carefully teasing their upcoming album for a month now.  The only full track from the record we’ve heard is the 8-minute epic “Dumb Disco Ideas”.  Now we have the second full track from Dynamics and it was worth the wait.  The first half of “Okay” almost sounds like a straight reincarnation of the NYC duo’s boss’s “I Can Change”, but if you’re going to copy someone is archetype to follow.  The guys really bring their synthpop sound into the mix around the 3:30 mark as synths and “Oh’s” swell filling all the gaps left by the sparse arrangement.  This has us really looking forward to the full length release due out September 10th on DFA Records.

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Carousel – “Not Enough”

No Comments 16 July 2013

It feels like they’re getting better with every single released.   is quickly becoming the master of soundtracking the summer fling.  Every song makes you want to just disappear on a destinationless roadtrip up the PCH with a cute pair of sunglasses you just met.  ”Not Enough” is no different.  Pack a bag before you listen.

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