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Darkside – “Paper Trails”

No Comments 23 October 2013

Fresh off the release of their great debut album Psychic, (the duo of producer and guitarist Dave Harrington) have announced a tour for 2014.  Check out the dates below.

One of the highlights of the album is the slow burning guitar driven Paper Trails, featuring ethereal vocals from Jaar.  The guitar lines definitely call back to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore and make the point that Darkside probably got their name from the Floyd’s classic album.

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Chad Valley – “Real Time”

No Comments 01 October 2013

released this song as a free download today to promote his current tour with the equally awesome .  A typical Chad Valley track featuring his signature full bodied production and distinct vocals, “Real Time” is a giant nostalgia bomb erupting in your ears.  Make sure you catch the two synthpop powers on tour, see the schedule below.

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Mrs. Skannotto Tour

No Comments 31 May 2013

We haven’t featured a lot of music on here, but something about this band and their new album made me HAVE to post something. has been around for a while, but their newest album, All These Evolutions is third wave ska with a great sensibility for melody especially on the track, “Lost and Found.” They’re from New York, but touring the east coast and if you like ska at all or used to and haven’t given it a listen in a while, then now’s the time. They’re apparently touring with ska legends and it should be a great show. Check out their bandcamp to stream and buy the album.

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Citizen – Young States

No Comments 31 October 2012

I went out to a local show that happened to feature ; the new album Young States is out, on iTunes, and is delicious. Get it if you don’t have it, listen to it here streaming if you want, but always, always, always, support what you like. I got the chance to ask them a few questions about their influences and upcoming shows.

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Toro Y Moi – “So Many Details”

No Comments 23 October 2012

will release the followup to 2011′s excellent Underneath the Pine on January 22nd via Carpark.  Anything in Return finds Bundick continuing his tradition of odd album art while embarking into a new sound of seduction.  Aptly titled “So Many Details” is a venture to meet R. Kelly halfway to the moon or something.  Nonetheless, it’s awesome as usual.  Check out Toro’s tour schedule after the jump.

Toro Y Moi – “So Many Details”

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Andrew Bird – “Three White Horses”

No Comments 24 September 2012

“One album was just not enough to contain all the music created this year,” so get ready for the companion to the excellent Break It Yourself from .  The first taste of Hands Of Glory, “Three White Horses”, is a pretty straight forward song for Mr. Bird and friends.  It contains no signature violin or whistle but is great nonetheless.  Catch Andrew Bird on tour, see tour schedule after the jump.

Andrew Bird – “Three White Horses”

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California Wives – Art History

No Comments 04 September 2012

California Wives - Art History

Following the Affair EP from 2010 and recently signed to , the Chicagoan four-piece have put all the faves that we’ve heard (and a bunch we haven’t) in their highly anticipated debut: Art History. Working with producer Claudius Mittendorfer (Interpol, Neon Indian, Wild Nothing), they’ve created an album that “comes from a relatable place of losing one’s youth”, according to frontman Jayson Kramer.

I can’t really express how much I’ve been looking forward to this release…. I’ve been waiting patiently for their full length record that I can just put on repeat.  Make sure to catch them on tour this fall…. maybe they will strike a chord with you as well.

Listen the the full album below, or pick it up on Amazon.

California Wives – Art History

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Superhumanoids – “Too Young For Love”

No Comments 21 August 2012

Acts like make me excited about my recent move to the west coast.  The LA based foursome make indie pop that’s as soulful as it is hazy.  Just take their single “Too Young For Love”.  Much of it sounds like it could be a track from former tourmate, haze-master , but the verses have a classic R&B flare to them, so much you can picture the choreographed emphatic sways and snaps.  Those elements paired with the driving chorus make for an excellent song.  The single comes from their debut full length Exhibitionists which isn’t due out until next year.  The group is also doing a small west coast tour, check it out after the jump.

Superhumanoids – “Too Young For Love”

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Crystal Castles – “Plague”

No Comments 04 August 2012

Good news on the horizon and in your earholes for fans, the duo have released a single and tour preparing for their upcoming new album.  The track is “Plague” and the tour will feature fellow electronic noise-smiths and .  Listen below and check out the dates after the jump.

Crystal Castles – “Plague”

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Andrew Bird – “Eyeoneye”

No Comments 14 February 2012

The loveable whistler is back with a new single, album, and tour.  “Eyeoneye” is the first taste of ’s upcoming record Break It Yourself and we find he hasn’t missed a step when it comes to catchy indie rock.  Break It Yourself releases March 6th and be sure to catch the bird on tour–trust me you won’t be disappointed.  See his tour schedule after the jump.

Andrew Bird – “Eyeoneye”

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