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Phantogram – “Don’t Move” Music Video

No Comments 07 November 2012

What better way to force you to listen to my favorite song than to post their recent video for “Don’t Move”. It features some post-Halloween creepiness and a mystical cube! Great hump day present.

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Citizen – Young States

No Comments 31 October 2012

I went out to a local show that happened to feature ; the new album Young States is out, on iTunes, and is delicious. Get it if you don’t have it, listen to it here streaming if you want, but always, always, always, support what you like. I got the chance to ask them a few questions about their influences and upcoming shows.

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No Comments 25 September 2012

is an interesting choice of a band name for the Minneapolis duo of Lizzie Brown and Danny Burke. Originally meaning “a behavior or style that spreads from person to person in a culture” (the non-internet version), the band do not come across as simply a style passed down. Though they do make electopop in the vein of contemporaries with the swagger of they infuse a trip hop approach allowing their music to grow and take its own path. This leaning can be heard heavily in the below “Fallen”. In addition to making music Danny Burke also made the impressive music video for the more straightforward “Young” above. The two tracks are from their recently released album Young which can be streamed and purchased along with the rest of their catalog HERE.

Meme – “Fallen”

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White Panda “White Panda vs. Gangam Style”

No Comments 23 September 2012

I have nothing to say except hell yeah. . . Internet Trends. Mash up. Dance Party.


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The Killers – “Runaways”

No Comments 11 July 2012

Those polarizing Las Vegasans (Vegasites?) are back with the first track from Battle Born due out this fall. No one was sure if we would even get a new Killers album but fortunately for us they’re back with “Runaways”. Landing equidistant between the sounds of ’06′s Sam’s Town and ’08′s Day & Age, the track is, of course, larger than humanly possible proving that maybe Flower’s and company are just dancers. With the gritty guitar chugging of the former, a dash of hooky synths via the latter, and overall bombasticness of, well The Killers, “Runaways” has pleased this fan.

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Anoraak – “Made-up”

No Comments 10 July 2012

recently released this video for unreleased “Made-up” in promotion of their upcoming tour alongside retro-synth cohorts and . The Drive tour is what they’re calling it, referencing that low budget 2011 movie with that unknown actor Ryan Gosling, which and Electric Youth shared the featured track “A Real Hero”. ’s tunes may not be in the film but they could have fit just about anywhere in there. Check out this awesome tour after the jump.

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Cat Power – “King Rides By”

No Comments 03 January 2012

and boxing may seem an odd pairing at first, but recent video collaboration between Chan Marshall’s music and Manny Pacquiao’s fists feels quite right.  In it Marshall takes another stab at her 1996 song “King Rides By” sprucing it up with reverb sprung guitars while Pacquiao’s stunning precision is displayed in slow motion.   The song is available for download with a monetary charitable donation of your choice HERE.  All proceeds go to Festival of Children Foundation and The Ali Forney Center.

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Sleigh Bells – Reign Of Terror

2 Comments 07 December 2011

News from the camp.  The duo revealed that their new album is due out Valentine’s Day 2012 February 21, 2012 [update] and it is entitled Reign of Terror.  To add to the excitement, Sleigh Bells will be going on a nine stop tour of Florida with FL-native . Yes, that’s right, it finally pays off to live in Florida.  The tour is aptly named Paradise Lost.  Check out the badass teaser video above and after the jump tracklist and FL tour schedule.   And in case you forgot why you should be excited:

Sleigh Bells – “Infinity Guitars”

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Drew Smith – “Love Teeth”

No Comments 22 September 2011

I don’t know much about , but I know I like his new song and video. Both are beautiful pieces that compliment each other making a serene experience. Apparently the video was made by a former student of Smith’s when he taught English as a second language who is now an animator in South Korea. Look forward to hearing the full EP The Secret Languages in a few months. Download both “Love Teeth” and “Melee” for the price of an email after the jump.

Drew Smith – “Love Teeth”

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Video: Frank Ocean – “Swim Good”

No Comments 16 September 2011

’s “Swim Good” track gets visuals from stellar director Nabil Elderkin. Elderkin directed Ocean’s “Novacane” video (HERE) and more recently Bon Iver’s “Holocene” (HERE). Enjoy!

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