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No Comments 13 September 2012

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention. If not, here’s the big news: The 80′s, somehow, have defied the “20 year Trend” of music and fashion and are back AGAIN in a new and interesting way. Standouts are releasing a new album that you can pre-order here, and newcomer is still pumping out jams. Known by us humans as Nick Morey, this possibly part android (unconfirmed)┬árecently put up a playlist called “Lost Formats” , so if you’re up for a neon maxxed out thrill ride, turn this on at work. Those spreadsheets and memo’s will feel like they’re coming from Marty McFly himself.

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No Comments 18 August 2012

So there you are, slinking along a dark alley in pursuit of the leader of the local drug cartel. Your letterman style jacket shows you’re a cop who doesn’t play by the rules. Your wisecracks show that you’re too intelligent to be fooled by the average bad guy. Your dark skin shows that you are totally Eddie Murphy and this is Beverly Hills Cop. As much as we all love the Harold Faltemeyer classic theme to BHC, we want something new. The throwback that carries the feel but pushes the horizon. Here it is. provides the music for your slummy inner city cop work and the track “Pittsburg Nights” definitely carries the same dark underbelly cuts that you need to feel just like Axel Foley.

All of his tracks are eighties without the extra cheese. There’s something adventurous about tracks like “Restless.” We’re going back to the land of ┬áneon and teen movies with a message. Listen to his whole page you won’t regret it.

Betamaxx – “Pittsburgh Nights”
Betamaxx – “Restless”

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