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Carousel – “Into The Night”

No Comments 20 November 2013

LA synthpop duo are back with what may be their best work yet, which is saying something about the up and comers who have been dominating Hypem and other music blogs for the past year.  Lyrically the guys stay on common ground, driving off “Into the Night” with a new fling, but musically they have really tightened to basically hit nothing but that nostalgic sweet spot for 4 minutes.  Great music for your hump day.

Fav Tracks, Synthpop

Carousel – “Not Enough”

No Comments 16 July 2013

It feels like they’re getting better with every single released.   is quickly becoming the master of soundtracking the summer fling.  Every song makes you want to just disappear on a destinationless roadtrip up the PCH with a cute pair of sunglasses you just met.  ”Not Enough” is no different.  Pack a bag before you listen.

Fav Tracks, Synthpop

Carousel – “Wolf’s Awake”

No Comments 08 July 2013

is quickly proving themselves to be one of the best up-and-coming synthpop acts in the game.  They consistently create addictive danceable tracks never losing the somber air that set their sound apart initially.  ”Wolf’s Awake” is just another brick in the heavy presence they’re building in the indie electronic scene.  Help the guys out by hearting “Wolf’s Awake” HERE.

Carousel – “Wolf’s Awake”

Fav Tracks, Synthpop

Carousel – “Dancing on my Own (Robyn Cover)”

No Comments 17 June 2013

covers .  Did I need to type more?  Why aren’t you listening yet?

Carousel – “Dancing On My Own (Robyn Cover)”

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Carousel – “Another Day”

No Comments 28 March 2013

We’ve been falling over ourselves for ’s warm brand of electropop for some time now.  So when they released a new song I listened to it whilst typing up a post…didn’t even listen to it first.  Few bands out there have impressed me with literally every single they put out.  Anyways, “Another Day”, another gem.  Not much more can be said about it.  The guys stick to their basics while refining the elements that make them so good.  Let it take you away.  Enjoy!

Carousel – “Another Day”

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Happy Holidays from StB

No Comments 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays from the SLAPtheBASS team!  Enjoy ’s serene version of “Silent Night” with too much eggnog and some Christmas classics.

Teen Daze – “Silent Night (Give Us Peace)”


Why not also enjoy a Christmas original by .

Carousel – “Christmas Time With You”

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Carousel – “Let’s Go Home”

No Comments 21 May 2012

I’m liking these guys more and more.  Today the trio dropped their new song “Let’s Go Home”.  The track is 25% nostalgia, 25% hopeful, and 50% synthy-awesomeness.  Enjoy it here and head to their website to download.

Carousel – “Let’s Go Home”

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Carousel – “Where Have You Gone”

1 Comment 02 April 2012

New track from Boston electro-pop trio ?  Yes please.  ”Where Have You Gone” carves the group’s unique niche in dance music a little deeper.  Enjoy, it always goes down smooth.

Carousel – “Where Have You Gone”

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No Comments 17 January 2012

Three guys meet at college and start a band.  Happens all the time.  I guess it’s a little different when the college is Boston’s Berklee College of Music.  From the opening of “Get Up” I was hooked.  The catchy riffs, dreamy synths, and gentle vocals quickly lulled me into a dance coma.  Delicate dance music would be my best shot at defining ’s EP 26 Allston.  It was actually pretty tough to decide what to post from the 6-song release but I finally decided on “Get Up” and “The Thrill”.  But with the hand clapping fun of “Know It’s Right”, floaty pop of “Best of Me”, addictive vocals of “Games”, and soothing melodies of “Here Now” the entire EP is great…oh yeah and it’s free from their website HERE.

Carousel – “Get Up”

Carousel – “The Thrill”

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