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Teen Daze – “Ice On The Windowsill”

No Comments 07 August 2013

announced a new album today for 2013 with this track “Ice On The Windowsill”.  Few artists can match a song and it’s title like Jamison.  But don’t let that stop you from giving “Ice On The Windowsill” a listen.  It’s a chilly listen featuring ambient, well everything, backed by a typical lazy yet bouncy beat.  The frigidly themed album entitle Glacier is due out October 1st on Lefse Records.  Preorder the album HERE and download this track now at Stereogum HERE.

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Happy Holidays from StB

No Comments 24 December 2012

Happy Holidays from the SLAPtheBASS team!  Enjoy ’s serene version of “Silent Night” with too much eggnog and some Christmas classics.

Teen Daze – “Silent Night (Give Us Peace)”


Why not also enjoy a Christmas original by .

Carousel – “Christmas Time With You”

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Teen Daze – “By Love”

No Comments 31 October 2012


continues his ambient supremacy with the latest track from Inner Mansions which is due out in less than a week.  ”By Love” features some Active Child-like harp sections and an excellent overall groove.  Enjoy!

Teen Daze – “By Love”

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Teen Daze – “Discipleship”

No Comments 10 October 2012

Here’s a long burner for your hump day.  The newest track posted from ’s upcoming release Inner Mansions is a 7+ minute track, but don’t let that scare you, it’s worth the ride.  ”Discipleship” begins -esque with Rhodes piano over ambient noise, but soon jazz drums enter the picture and by the 2 minute mark it’s full on deep house.  By the end, you’ll be a follower.

Teen Daze – “Discipleship”

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Teen Daze – “Union (ft. Frankie Rose)”

No Comments 13 September 2012

I’m going to try and not go crazy posting every track releases for The Inner Mansions like I did for All of Us, Together but this one’s cool I swear.  For one it sounds nothing like any Teen Daze song before and second it features guest vocalist indie all-star .  ”Union” is almost a straight up shoegaze song featuring very little of Teen Daze’s signature production and no “four on floor” beat.  Cool new sound him either way.

Teen Daze – “Union (ft. Frankie Rose)”

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Teen Daze – “New Life”

No Comments 06 September 2012

You gotta love prolific artists.  Only 5 months and 1 day after his debut full length All of Us, Together, will release his followup The Inner Mansions.  Maybe the intention was to strike while the iron’s hot because from the sound of “New Life” there’s no sophomore slump here.  The Inner Mansions is due out November 6th on Lefse Records.

Teen Daze – “New Life”

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Teen Daze – “The Future”

No Comments 04 April 2012

I just checked and the last song has been pushed to the next page so I feel like it’s okay to post this.  ”The Future” is the third single off his upcoming release All of Us, Together.  There’s something about compressed beats and arpeggiators set to a hazy ambience that gets me, maybe it gets you too.  The album is due out May 22nd.

Teen Daze – “The Future”

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Teen Daze – “Treten”

No Comments 09 March 2012

We’ve already heard the first single from ’s upcoming release, now we have the second taste with “Treten”.  A typical and delectable ambiance can be expected as you float away on synth waves.  All of Us, Together is due out on Lefse May 22nd.  While your at check out ’s remix of “Brooklyn Sunburn”.

Teen Daze – “Treten”

Teen Daze – “Brooklyn Sunburn (Brothertiger Remix)”


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Teen Daze – “Brooklyn Sunburn”

No Comments 02 February 2012

The last single from Canadian electronic artist was a bit of curve-ball.  Trading his obscure bleeps and smooth synths for a recognizable sample and arpeggios (not that he didn’t crush the track). “Brooklyn Sunburn” is the first taste of his upcoming LP and it looks like he’s gone back to the dreamlike state he occupies so well.  All of Us, Together, which will actually be his debut record, comes out May 22nd on Lefse Records.

Teen Daze – “Brooklyn Sunburn”

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Weekend Mix

1 Comment 21 January 2012

Here’s (mostly) disco flavored playlist for your weekend.   and Jesse Oliver remix ’s “Holidays”; DiscoTech reworks Capital Citites’s “Safe and Sound; mixes up Earth Wind and Fire’s classic “Let’s Groove”; and newcomers glitchy original “Silver Glitter”.  Enjoy!

Miami Horror – “Holidays (Lenno & Jesse Oliver Remix)”

Capital Cities – “Safe and Sound (DiscoTech Remix)”

Teen Daze – “Let’s Groove”

Browska – “Silver Glitter”

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