Our credo is to bring you the best in music no matter the genre.  We discuss music we love in hopes to broaden musical horizons while increasing exposure of our favorite artists.  We don’t bash music here.  There is way too much good music out there to waste yours and our time with negativity.  Your curators:

Preston – Co-founder and owner – Los Angeles, CA – Lover of all things music and master of Minesweeper.  Mostly writes about indie rock, electronic, and synthy sounds.  Contact directly at preston [at] slapthebass [dot] com

Johnny – Co-founder and web designer – Kentucky/Ohio – Cheif website fixer guy and part time Bar Mitsvah clown.  Mostly writes about indie rock and synthpop.  Contact directly at johnny [at] slapthebass [dot] com

PJ – Staff writer – Florida – Obscurity aficionado and fantastic hype man.  Mostly writes about mashups, DJ’s, and pop culture references only a few get.

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