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No Comments 11 November 2013

Saturday night took The Satellite stage in LA alongside Big Tree and headliner .  Aside from their set being fixed between the two formidable acts, one could have mistaken their confident and energetic live show as the headliner.  Formerly Le Blorr, is the newest incarnation of Florida natives and high school friends Chris Hess and Adam Winn.  The five-piece took the stage amidst a DIY set full of glittery space age wrapping paper (or spaper as my buddy dubbed it) to a growing crowd.  Though the band only has the 5-song Feel EP to their name they filled their time slot to the brim playing the whole record and more including personal favorite “Wanderer”.  Their unique blend of shoegaze, brit and 70′s rock–that can only be classified as good ol’ indie rock–was very well met by the audience that seemed to mostly be awaiting the headliner.  The crowd was quickly won over, encouraged by SWIMM’s impassioned performance.  What may have made them all the more likable might have been lead singer Chris’s humble crowd interactions.  For all their stage charisma the band was extremely thankful to the audience and genuinely excited to share the stage with bands they respected, which was refreshing.  All in all, SWIMM put on an amazing performance that lived up to the hopes of those that came to see them and won over new fans song by song.  If you haven’t heard the Feel EP, you should check it out, it’s a must listen of 2013.  And if this band comes through your town you should be going.

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Mirror Talk – “Don’t”

No Comments 03 October 2013

defines themselves on their Facebook page as + + Martin Hannett, which is pretty dead on.  The first single from their upcoming EP “Don’t” sounds like an all-star writing collaboration between the former two produced by the late great co-founder of Factory Records.  It could be the perfect new wave song but it contains a level of passion that isn’t met by current bands of the genre setting it apart into its own category.  It comes down to singer Court Alexander’s performance on the track.  It’s one thing to have a great voice, it’s another to be a great singer which he shows to the fullest extent in the song’s closing remarks from 3:30 on.  Listen to “Don’t” below from the EP due out November 9th.

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Magic Man – “Every Day”

No Comments 05 September 2013

’s new single “Every Day” falls right in line with the wonderful trend of infectious electro indie rock.  It’s got everything without feeling forced: roaring tom fills, rhythmic muted guitar plucks, soaring woah oh oh oh‘s, colorful synths, you get the picture.  Listen if you like , , or –who they’re appropriately currently on tour with.  It’s still hot as hell here so I’m cranking this one and calling it another summer jam.  The track is the first single from the upcoming EP You Are Here due out September 10th.

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No Comments 19 August 2013

Love stumbling across amazing bands like this.  Swedish trio (no idea how to say that), create indie electronic music with the bombastry of and and the delicate dream pop touch of .  Their debut album Skyer is a sonic journey suitable for headphones on long a plane ride or an impromptu dance party by the pool.  The record is out now on Best Fit Recordings, get it HERE.

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default genders – “on fraternity”

No Comments 08 August 2013

Ever wondered what happened to ?  Yea, us too.  Well apparently the man behind EG, James Brooks, has a new project titled very-recently-formerly-known-as dead girlfriends–and it is good.  As of now there is only a 4-song EP entitled stop pretending, but that is plenty to secure default genders as an act to look out for in 2013.  Most of my enthusiasm stems from the dramatic and morally-weighty closer “on fraternity”.  Brooks explains his dissatisfaction with the male gender on the track that is essentially a practice in restraint, which makes the lyrics even weightier as he pulls the noise out from under you like a carpet landing you in an uncomfortable and revealing silence.  Listen below and download stop pretending HERE.

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No Comments 31 May 2013

Here’s something to help you on those long summer drives, sun setting off to your right as you push your car towards the one person you need to see right then. is a group from New York and Germany that is putting together their debut album with the help of Jean Philip Grobler, a.k.a. .  HAERTS weaves a beautifully haunting style that is becoming increasingly familiar, but not losing it’s ability to pull people in: a beautiful female voice fronting an electronically driven group that creates soundscapes in their songs. Each track takes you out and pulls you along it’s beautiful journey to wherever it is you need to get to.  Check out “All The Days” and “Wings” on their soundcloud page and look for their new album coming soon.

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Bixel Boys

No Comments 28 May 2013

LA DJ duo have been tearing it up on the remix scene lately.  They specialize in turning new and old R&B classics into house dance floor burners.  They first caught my attention with their massive single “Love Like This” which samples the Faith Evans song of the same name (check it out HERE).  After tastefully remixing the King of Pop’s “P.Y.T.” I knew they were here to stay.  What better time to talk about them than after dropping a superb remix of Seal’s “Crazy”?  Oh and cherry on top, all their remixes are up for free download including their take on Robin Thicke’s current chart climber “Blurred Lines”.  Head HERE for downloads and more.

Seal – “Crazy (Bixel Boys Remix)”
Michael Jackson – “P.Y.T. (Bixel Boys VIP Edit)”

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The Chainsmokers

No Comments 21 May 2013

Production duo take very little seriously.  Their bio is full of hilarious misinformation; their photos are full of bad Photoshops putting their faces on famous people or simply saying hello using one finger; they goad one another via Twitter encouraging their fans to choose #teamalex or #teamdrew.  There is one thing these two New Yorkers do not take lightly, and that’s their music.  Their production is on-fuckin’-point.   take tracks from the likes of , , and and create interstellar progressive house bangers.  After listening to their SoundCloud for the past couple months religiously I finally had to write something after their recent and remixes.  Their takes on “Trying To Be Cool” and “Julian” are absolute perfection.  Check them both out below and personal favorite, Daughter’s “Medicine”.  Hope to see these guys in LA soon.

Say Lou Lou – “Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Daughter – “Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix)”

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WALLA – “No Time”

No Comments 08 May 2013

’s “No Time” is a track that grabs you immediately.  Every layer is built with the intent to be (good) catchy, whether it’s the opening synth chords, anthemic falsetto chorus, groove-disco drums, or awesome guitar/synth sound that kicks in during the bridges, there are no weak links.  LA-based fit right into the current upswell of indie pop rock immediately standing alongside peers like and Youngblood Hawke after only having released their debut EP Animal of Love last November.  The song “No Time” will appear on the next EP Nature on June 4th.  Enjoy the single below and grab the excellent Animal of Love for free HERE.

WALLA – “No Time”

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Coachella Find: Little Green Cars

No Comments 09 April 2013

I like to prepare for music festivals by giving every artist a listen.  The great thing about is there are so many artists of all genres that I always come across something I’ve missed.  There are a lot of acts I’m looking forward to that don’t need any coverage: , , , , , , etc.  This is dedicated to those sweet finds that I’m now looking forward to with equal fervor.  See you in the desert.

is an Dublin rock band that’s markedly tough to categorize much further.  Strong influences of folk and Americana can be immediately heard, but there’s more to the five piece.  Slick guitar riffs are heard interspersed within post-punk chugging all the while 3+ part harmonies triumph over as if their songs were written specifically for outdoor venues like Coachella–listening to “Angel Owl” as I type.  Basically listen if you like bands with guitars, vocals, and drums.  I do so I’m looking forward to their set.  Check out the two tracks from their The John Wayne EP below.

Little Green Cars – “The John Wayne”
Little Green Cars – “Witching Hour”

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