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Ellie Goulding + Madeon – “Stay Awake”

No Comments 25 March 2013

The prince and princess of electronic music finally collaborated creating this shot of red bull, “Stay Awake”.  Both artists are here with full force.  ’s lyrics and vocals are as hooky as ever and ’s production shows us he’s not just a house savant with more of a DnB influence.  Big start to your week.

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Madeon – “The City”

No Comments 28 August 2012


This guy. This friggin guy. When he broke out on the scene in 2011 with his Pop Culture Mashup, people ate it up. Then we heard his remixes. Now his original stuff is coming out and it’s a night sky on a Miami rooftop meeting the love of your life while fireworks explode over the bay type track for sure. Collaborating with Zak Waters and Cass Lowe, he’s pushing for the big crowd electronic style of acts like Kaskade and Tiesto. He’s still got the micro-cut and video game synth style, but he’s cleaned up the super glitchyness into a smooth, easy to listen to and VERY easy to dance to track. It’s the difference between great and AMAZING. We’re super excited for everything he’s got coming out and you gotta get a piece of this. Madeon said on his facebook page, “This song is really close to me and I’ve been really overwhelmed by the positive reception to the teaser. If you like it, let people know.” You heard him, tell everyone.

Listen and close your eyes, take her hand, and sing along. You’re going on a ride tonight.

You’re riding to “The City”

Madeon – “The City”

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Weekend Mix

No Comments 15 June 2012

Welcome to the weekend.  Strap on your floaties, crack a beer, and press play.  Leading off is a new chill track from 21 year old Detroit producer .  Next up a couple new mashups from the masters and to kick it up a notch.  Then turn it on up to 11 with Fukuyuma’s “Temple” who you’ll definitely be hearing more about on StB.  Lastly a mix of because, why not?  Enjoy!

GRiZ – “You Got To Change”

The Hood Internet – “Singlekiss (R. Kelly vs. Lemonade)

Xaphoon Jones – “Oui Got It Wrong (Madeon vs. St. Lucia)”

Fukuyama – “Temple”

Florence and the Machine – “Spectrum (Calvin Harris Mix)”

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Martin Solveig – “The Night Out (Madeon Remix)”

1 Comment 21 March 2012

My computer died so it’s been awhile since I’ve updated.  What better way to kick it all back off than with a new remix track by wonderboy .  Party on WAYNE.

Martin Solveig – “The Night Out (Madeon Remix)”

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Week(end) Mix

No Comments 27 February 2012

Sure it’s only Monday night, but if your week is anything like mine you need something to carry you through, so here’s a mix to get you to the end of you week.  Start off with a new track from youngster producer called “Icarus”.  Next up a remix of the most annoying song (my opinion) by the most unannoying (fact)–the outcome is good.  Thirdly an excellent mix by the enigmatic London producers .  Followed up by StB favorite ’s take on Luke Abbott’s “Brazil”.  And lastly ’s haunting remix of ’s “Suffocation”.  Enjoy your week!

Madeon – “Icarus”
Foster The People – “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls (Futurecop! ‘Schizophrenia’ Remix)”
Josh Beech and the Johns – “Lights (Monarchy “Aurora Borealis” Remix)”
Luke Abbott – “Brazil (Gold Panda Remix)”
Crystal Castles – “Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)”

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Madeon – “Pop Culture (Live Mashup)”

No Comments 01 August 2011

Here at slapthebass we’re a sucker for a good mashup. Every Monday we’ll bring you one of our fav’s for your listening pleasure.

This kid has been all over the internet lately and this video of him performing a live mashup shows why.  The mashup mixes 39 different songs which are listed on the YouTube page.  Pretty stellar stuff from a seventeen year old kid.  More on HERE.

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