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Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”

No Comments 16 January 2012

The Reign of Terror is nearly upon us.  This is the second track we’ve heard from the noise pop duo and apparently Derek Miller’s favorite from the album.  This song is immediately available digitally for all those that preorder the record.

Fav Tracks, Indie Rock, Noise, Pop

DUCKTAILS – “Killin the Vibe (ft. Panda Bear)”

No Comments 12 January 2011

Fav Track

If you haven’t heard of , it is the brainchild, private experiment, and solo project of Matthew Mondanile, the guitarist for the New Jersey rooted psychedelic surf pop band: .  Known for recording in tool sheds and his parent’s basement, listening is a prying look into the psyche.  He easily bridges the gap between noise and pop music, with a dreamy drone sound and agreeable guitar riffs.  And it doesn’t hurt when you throw a into the mix.  Grab a listen.

Ducktails – “Killin the Vibe (ft. Panda Bear)”

completes an LP trilogy and is set to release on Woodsist Records on January 18, 2011.  To get this Panda Bear bonus track, make sure  to grab it on iTunes or order the Vinyl.

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