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St. Lucia – “Too Close”

No Comments 12 September 2013

With the highly anticipated release of When The Night edging on the horizon, releases one of their best tracks yet, which is a lofty goal.  This time Grobler and friends focus heavily on an synth opus of Styx proportion letting the few vocals that join come soaring in above.  After the “Too Close” roller coaster you exit into a delicate tropical carnival to soothe any awesome-sickness you may have acquired.  When The Night‘s October 8th due date can’t come soon enough.

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Magic Man – “Every Day”

No Comments 05 September 2013

’s new single “Every Day” falls right in line with the wonderful trend of infectious electro indie rock.  It’s got everything without feeling forced: roaring tom fills, rhythmic muted guitar plucks, soaring woah oh oh oh‘s, colorful synths, you get the picture.  Listen if you like , , or –who they’re appropriately currently on tour with.  It’s still hot as hell here so I’m cranking this one and calling it another summer jam.  The track is the first single from the upcoming EP You Are Here due out September 10th.

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No Comments 31 May 2013

Here’s something to help you on those long summer drives, sun setting off to your right as you push your car towards the one person you need to see right then. is a group from New York and Germany that is putting together their debut album with the help of Jean Philip Grobler, a.k.a. .   weaves a beautifully haunting style that is becoming increasingly familiar, but not losing it’s ability to pull people in: a beautiful female voice fronting an electronically driven group that creates soundscapes in their songs. Each track takes you out and pulls you along it’s beautiful journey to wherever it is you need to get to.  Check out “All The Days” and “Wings” on their soundcloud page and look for their new album coming soon.

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The Knocks – “Modern Hearts (ft. St. Lucia)”

No Comments 18 April 2013

So if you haven’t heard by now teamed up with fellow NYC artist and former tour buddy to give you one of the biggest party anthems of the year, “Modern Hearts”.  Right from the start you can tell the tag-team brought their A+ game.  Housey synths swell as Grobler woah’s the song into his unique and catchy hook.  As soon as the first tom drum break hits you know there’s no turning back, your feet have already started burning a hole in your bedroom shoes and your sweating from the imaginary dance floor lights…you’ll see what I mean.  The single was released this week and if that’s not enough did a FREE REMIX.

The Knocks – “Modern Hearts (ft. St. Lucia)”

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St. Lucia – “September”

No Comments 06 December 2012

just unloaded the “September” music video on the unsuspecting masses and it’s full of stunning imagery of egg girls and strobes. The timing is pretty great as our very own Tim is readying to see and interview this Friday…lucky. Enjoy!

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St. Lucia – “September”

No Comments 20 September 2012

Put your party pants on, just dropped the first single off the upcoming full length.  ”September” fulfills all the longings we’ve had since we discovered Jean-Philip Grobler and his tropically-amazing project.  The track is basically a massive build full of New Order sounds and the vocals we were expecting.  Go ahead and give the volume a crank around 3:30 and hold on tight for the finale.  The September EP is due out the 25th while the album is being readied for early 2013.

St. Lucia – “September”

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St. Lucia Remixes

1 Comment 06 August 2012

We’re big fans of Jean-Philip Grobler’s originals but his recent remixes of and show he’s a killer producer.  Oh, and if you still haven’t heard the self-titled EP head HERE to bask in its wonder.

Charli XCX – “You’re The One (St. Lucia Remix)”
Passion Pit – “Constant Conversations (St. Lucia Remix)”

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Weekend Mix

No Comments 15 June 2012

Welcome to the weekend.  Strap on your floaties, crack a beer, and press play.  Leading off is a new chill track from 21 year old Detroit producer .  Next up a couple new mashups from the masters and to kick it up a notch.  Then turn it on up to 11 with Fukuyuma’s “Temple” who you’ll definitely be hearing more about on StB.  Lastly a mix of because, why not?  Enjoy!

GRiZ – “You Got To Change”

The Hood Internet – “Singlekiss (R. Kelly vs. Lemonade)

Xaphoon Jones – “Oui Got It Wrong (Madeon vs. St. Lucia)”

Fukuyama – “Temple”

Florence and the Machine – “Spectrum (Calvin Harris Mix)”

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The Knocks / Savoir Adore / St. Lucia

1 Comment 11 March 2012

Last night Neon Gold bands , , and absolutely destroyed The Social in Orlando, FL.  Unfortunately few witnessed but those that did were treated to stellar performances by three top-tier acts.  [But seriously, I’m disappointed in you Florida]

St. Lucia took the stage unassumingly and set right to turning everyone in the venue into diehard fans.  Named after the Caribbean island St. Lucia’s tropical could be felt as well as heard.  Before too long the dance floor was filled driven by irresistible songs like “Closer Than This” and “We Got It Wrong”.  Without gushing too much I’ll just say St. Lucia put on one of the best performances I’ve seen in a while.

St. Lucia – “We Got It Wrong”

Having to follow the performance St. Lucia put on was a task to say the least.  Fortunately for us Savoir Adore didn’t back down and put on a fantastic set as well.  Flawless tracks like “Dreamers” and “Loveliest Creature” make it pretty tough to fail though.

Savoir Adore – “Dreamers”

No matter how great St. Lucia and Savoir Adore were they felt like warm-ups once The Knocks kicked off.  Equipped with an arsenal of drums and synths The Knocks laid to waste what was left of The Social.  Their unique indie electronic style is easily some of the best late night dance party material ever created and it held up in a live format.  Tracks like “Blackout” and “Brightside” had every available body flailing like it was their last dance.  The crowd may have climaxed in unison when Deidre Muro of Savoir Adore joined them on stage to cover M83′s “Midnight City”.

The Knocks – “Midnight City (M83 Cover) (ft. Mandy Lee)”

Overall, it was an incredible show.  If you get the chance to see any of these acts in the future, go.  You won’t regret it.


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