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Tycho – “Montana”

No Comments 22 January 2014

will be releasing a new album entitled Awake on March 18th via Ghostly International.  We’ve already heard the title and lead track from the record now we have a new single “Montana”.  The song isn’t a stretch for Hansen’s project carrying the same ambient glow as his previous releases, but it has tinges of indie guitar pop in the vein of that much of his work doesn’t.  Overall it’s an extremely enjoyable track increasing our anticipation for the full length.  Pre-order Awake HERE.

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Treasure Fingers & The Knocks – “DYWT”

No Comments 08 January 2014

Two of our favorite producer outfits and teamed up for this smooth little number asking “Do You Want To?”  The answer is yes guys, whatever it is, we’re in.  The track is up for free download on SoundCloud HERE.

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RAC – “Tourist (ft. Tokyo Police Club)”

No Comments 17 December 2013

just released the collaboration with StB fav for streaming on SoundCloud and we thought it was due time to post about the excellent EP.  ”Tourist” fits perfectly next to the smash singles already released “Let Go” and “Hollywood” featuring Kele and MNDR and , respectively.  The Don’t Talk To EP is out and available for download everywhere.  Enjoy!

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Darkside – “Paper Trails”

No Comments 23 October 2013

Fresh off the release of their great debut album Psychic, (the duo of producer and guitarist Dave Harrington) have announced a tour for 2014.  Check out the dates below.

One of the highlights of the album is the slow burning guitar driven Paper Trails, featuring ethereal vocals from Jaar.  The guitar lines definitely call back to Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmore and make the point that Darkside probably got their name from the Floyd’s classic album.

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Jay Tee – “My Love (The DFA Remix)”

No Comments 15 October 2013

James Murphy has resurrected “The ” remix moniker for an unexpected mix of a hit from 2006.  Getting rid of the signature skittering Timbaland production and TI vocals, the remix goes with a backing track that fits more in line with what fans of and DFA expect from the label.  The bassline is absolutely killer and the disco sound suits the track perfectly.  In their tweet about the track DFA Records referred to it as part of Throwback Fridays.  I think we are all hoping this will not be the last remix in that series.

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Tycho – “Awake”

No Comments 14 October 2013

Our favorite dreamscape painter is back with a new single “Awake”.  The track is a beautiful piece that could fit easily within the confines of his 2012 record Dive.  Basically this is a “if it ain’t broke” mentality I can get on board with.  The full length is due out in 2014 via Ghostly International.

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Bixel Boys – Black December

No Comments 27 September 2013

Over the past year  have been masterfully remixing the likes of Robin Thicke, Drake, and Michael Jackson giving each their “soulful, dreamy, simple and dark” flavor.  No matter how good those were, it was all a prelude to this.  On their first EP the LA duo drop two cutting edge originals with Black December.  The title track is definitely the centerpiece if for nothing else than the 4-minute mark drop.  ”Red October” is a bit more aggressive making a great compliment to the moodier track.  Overall the EP shows off the Boys full sound and makes an excellent addition to any DJ or dance music enthusiast’s collection.  Listen below and buy HERE.

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Phantogram – “Celebrating Nothing” & “Black Out Days”

No Comments 26 September 2013

Thank God for new .  In the past two years since their last release they’ve collaborated with and Flaming Lips, but it’s great to hear new tunes from the NYC duo.  In the past couple weeks they’ve released two tracks showing they are still the best at blending synthpop, trip-hop, and shoegaze into pure magic.  Both “Celebrating Nothing” and “Black Out Days” are from the self-titles EP due out September 30th.

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Goldroom – “Embrace”

No Comments 09 September 2013

Today dropped his debut EP Embrace just in time for you to soak in that last rays of summer light to it.  The six-song EP contains the brand new single by the same name as well as five other gems we’ve been loving for a while now including “Sweetness Alive” and “Only You Can Show Me”.  Listen to “Embrace” below featuring Australian singer and head HERE to buy the EP.

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No Comments 19 August 2013

Love stumbling across amazing bands like this.  Swedish trio (no idea how to say that), create indie electronic music with the bombastry of and and the delicate dream pop touch of .  Their debut album Skyer is a sonic journey suitable for headphones on long a plane ride or an impromptu dance party by the pool.  The record is out now on Best Fit Recordings, get it HERE.

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