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Youth Lagoon

No Comments 04 January 2012

This young man caught my ears early this year during his initial blog swell but I never got around to posting.  Soon Trevor Powers was the talk of the indie world–being interviewed by Pitchfork and releasing his debut The Year of Hibernation on Fat Possum.  I guess writing anything just felt like noise in the already pretentious crowd.  But the kid’s good, so what better way to wrap up Missed in 2011.

Twenty-two year old Powers has an amazing ability to create titanic anthems without them feeling disingenuous or trite.  Maybe it’s his small arsenal of instruments or his lo-fi production but every track on Hibernation comes across authentic.  The record’s centerpiece “July” was released via his bandcamp page earlier this year for free download as if this was just a hobby.  The song  begins quiet and reserved but soon evolves into a powerful wave of sound as Powers tells a story of love loss and realization.  By the song’s apex you know this kid is for real.  Listen to “July” and other standout “Cannons” below.

Youth Lagoon – “July”

Youth Lagoon – “Cannons”

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No Comments 30 December 2011

Normally I find myself frustrated with bands whose names bring up strange results on Google, but thankfully I know enough to put “ Band” in the search bar.  Welcome to a wonderful little slice of indie done in a ear shakingly and retrotastically funderfull style reminiscent of the big stadium bands of the 70′s.  It really sound like a lost ELO album at times, produced by Brian May, and run through a 1974 Stereophonic rock music maker.  The band is based out of New York and is releasing a new album in February of 2012 which we are increasingly excited about.  The big single out right now is “We are Young- feat. ” and it’s worth a listen or ten.  Pick up their first album “Aim and Ignite” on iTunes, but first check out the opening track, “Be Calm.”

fun. – “We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monáe)”
fun. – “Be Calm”

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No Comments 30 December 2011

There’s not much information available on this little gem of a group (on a Google search an abandoned LiveJournal ranks higher than many links about them).  From the best I can tell is electropop duo from Moscow.  The lack of bio information plays well with ’s tone of music–mysterious, dark, and boding.  This is definitely for fans of waiting for and to have a musical baby.  Check out a couple tracks below and head HERE for the little information I found.

Celebrine – “Mirror”

Celebrine – “Selfdestructiveboy”

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Run Dan Run

No Comments 30 December 2011

started as a recording project between two friends in 2006 and has progressed into a full fledged indie rock band through the past few years.  Heavy hints of can be heard in the band’s sound, especially in tracks like “Lovesick Animal” where simple progressions suddenly segways into an ensemble of instruments adding their individual flare to the track.  It and standout “Box Type Love” are available on the Charleston, SC trio’s 2011 album Normal which can be bought from their bandcamp site HERE.

Run Dan Run – “Box Type Love”

Run Dan Run – “Lovesick Animal”

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Ella Riot – “Karma”

No Comments 19 October 2011

in one word?  Infectious. The five piece Ann Arbor band defy normal genre classification with their effortless mix of electro-pop, disco, soul, funk, etc., etc.  My current favorite “Karma” is an earworm in a good way.  The infectious chorus hook will unforgivingly bury its way deep into your subconscious within one listen.  I look forward to hearing more from this group.

Ella Riot – “Karma”

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The Rest

No Comments 14 October 2011

From the little I can find on the internets, is a band from Ontario, Canada.  We first heard from the group back in September with the terrible tale of how they nearly lost their entire album they spent a year and a half recording due to a hard drive failure–I know that pain.  Fortunately after a few months of recovery they got all the data back and are set to release SEESAW in 2012.  In an ode to their good luck they released the double A-side “Always On My Side”/”The Last Day” for free download on their bandcamp site until October 31st.  Head HERE to download.

Both tracks are excellent.  On “Always On My Side” The Rest gradually build the song adding blown out hook upon blown out hook until you’re inundated with fuzzy goodness.  Its grungy guitars and shaky yet soaring vocals are quite reminiscent of early Radiohead ballads.  “The Last Day” takes a similar approach by layering melodies but this time upon a galloping drumbeat beckoning the most stoic toe to tap.  Be on the lookout for SEESAW in 2012.

The Rest – “Always On My Mind”

The Rest – “The Last Day”

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The New Division

No Comments 14 October 2011

You can’t judge a book by looking at its cover. Right?  But wouldn’t it be easier if you could?  Sometimes we like to know what we’re getting into whether it be a book, movie, or band.  are here to help.  The name immediately conjures a mix of post-punk and new wave–most likely sources: Joy Division and New Order.  Fortunately this is what you get.  The California foursome implement an electronic sound around a post-punk style creating fantastic results.  Their Rookie EP was released earlier this year to critical acclaim due to stellar tracks like “Starfield” (below) and “No Health“.  Now they are unleashing a full length entitled Shadows.  Check out “Opium” from the new album and head to their bandcamp site HERE for more.  If you like the name, you’ll like the band.

The New Division – “Opium”

The New Division – “Starfield”

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Drew Smith – “Love Teeth”

No Comments 22 September 2011

I don’t know much about , but I know I like his new song and video. Both are beautiful pieces that compliment each other making a serene experience. Apparently the video was made by a former student of Smith’s when he taught English as a second language who is now an animator in South Korea. Look forward to hearing the full EP The Secret Languages in a few months. Download both “Love Teeth” and “Melee” for the price of an email after the jump.

Drew Smith – “Love Teeth”

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Lana Del Rey

1 Comment 31 August 2011

Labeling herself as Hollywood Pop is a near perfect genre for (real name Lizzy Grant). Her first single “Video Games” is a beautifully orchestrated ode to an emotionally unavailable lover featuring swelling strings and nearly comical yet spot on lyrics. Grant’s sultry singing on the track recalls the likes of Cat Power giving each lyric power with minimal force. The video for the song compliments its atmosphere juxtaposing the beauty of young vitality and the downfall of Hollywood beauty. The single is due out October 9th on Stranger Records b/w “Blue Jeans”.

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Robots With Rayguns

1 Comment 25 August 2011

I know I am late on this one…about a year, but nonetheless the music styling of has made life a bit more pleasurable as of late.  I came across RWR recently when used “Sugarbaby” in a mix.  My ears immediately perked up to the nostalgic synths and infectious melody, I had to hear more from these robots and their rayguns.  I soon found out there is only one robot, Lucas Patrick Smith of Phoenix and that he released a full length of original material last year entitled Electro Isn’t Dead.  Similar to his 80′s electronic brethren Futurecop!, Smith’s work is similar to a time machine–of the Delorean variety–that transports you to a wonderful time when colors were all neon and TV’s were all grainy.  Check out some choice tracks below.  Head HERE for more on Robots With Rayguns.

Robots With Rayguns – “Sugarbaby”

Robots With Rayguns – “The Distance”

Robots With Rayguns – “Free to Feel”

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