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Angus Stone

No Comments 01 October 2012

If you know ’s name it is likely from the somber single “Big Jet Plane” he and his sister recorded to critical acclaim in 2010.  Angus is now releasing his second solo album of tunes entitled Broken Brights.  The record features his signature raspy Dylan-esque vocals over simple yet inviting folk backing for an ambitious 13 tracks.  Broken Brights as a whole is not disappointing, check out a couple of our favorites from the album below and if you like it head HERE to stream the whole thing.

Angus Stone – “Bird On The Buffalo”
Angus Stone – “Monsters”

Fav Tracks, Indie Folk, New Artists

Husky – “History’s Door”

No Comments 29 May 2012

One of Sub Pop’s newest signee’s is the Australian quartet .  Made up by cousins  Gawenda (guitar and vocals) and Gideon Preiss (keyboards) and backed by Evan Tweedie (bass) and Luke Collins (drums) the group create a massive folk soundscape.  Their first single “History’s Door” is a great introduction.  Building from Gawenda’s quick picking and elegant melodies into an onslaught riding atop the driving rhythm section the track comes across as an equal split between and .  Their debut full length Forever So is due out July 10th.  Head HERE to pre-order.

Husky – “History’s Door”

Fav Tracks, Indie Folk, New Artists

Emma Louise – “Jungle”

No Comments 14 July 2011

has one of the most stunning voices that I’ve come across in a while.  And “Jungle” is one of the most stunning tracks I’ve come across in a while.  Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, is an indie folk singer songwriter that has made a splash in her homeland but has had little success elsewhere.  From the sound of “Jungle” it’s hard to think it will stay that way.  The song is a lesson in restraint as ambient synths giveway to a driving drumbeat only to drop off again and again leaving you floating with only Louise’s delicate voice to break your fall.  It’s off her four-song EP Full Hearts & Empty Rooms which can be purchased for five bucks at Groopease HERE for a limited time so hurry.

Emma Louise – “Jungle”

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Beirut News

No Comments 08 June 2011

A bunch of news from Zach Condon and crew:

- released a  7″ “East Harlem” (listen below and see adorable cover art above)

- Their third LP entitled The Rip Tide will drop towards the end of summer

- A second track from the album was released, “Goshen” (listen below) (via LBYB)

- Beirut even has a new WEBSITE!

Exciting times for Beirut fans.

Beirut – “East Harlem”
Beirut – “Goshen”

Fav Tracks, Indie Folk

Bon Iver – “Perth”

No Comments 07 June 2011

We have the second taste of ’s upcoming self-titled release.  Swelling from an elegant guitar riff into a full on symphony with the help of a children’s choir and marching drums, “Perth” finds the group again expanding their sound this time to reach the heavens.  The -esque vibe of this new track is definitely making this my most awaited release of the year–June 21st if you forgot.

Bon Iver – “Perth”

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Bon Iver – “Calgary”

No Comments 18 May 2011

Just last month announced the details of the group’s second full-length and now we have the first single from the eponymous release.  On “Calgary” we find Vernon and company opting for subtle arrangements over the rootsy folk circa For Emma creating a fantastic track.  The album is due out on June 21st via Jagjaguwar in the US and June 21st on 4AD in the UK and yes, we’re excited.  Listen below and download HERE with an email.

Bon Iver – “Calgary”

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Villagers / Charlotte Gainsbourg – Record Store Day 7″

No Comments 14 April 2011

and will be releasing a 7″ split on Record Store day this April 16th.  ”Memoir” is the result of Gainsbourg approaching ’s leader Conor O’Brien to write a song for her.  The track was written by O’Brien during tour last fall.

Though “Memoir” may get the lead, Villagers’ “Set The Tigers Free” is just as excellent a track.  Give a listen below.

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Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues

No Comments 31 March 2011

Everybody’s favorite band of harmonizing troubadours, , is set to release their second full length. In late January they debuted the title track which can be heard above.  “” is a beautifully typical song exhibiting their tight vocal arrangements and cathedral-like sound. A few days ago the Foxes posted on their SITE the video for the epic “Grown Ocean”.  The feel-good video features grainy footage of the band recording, touring, and playing with Santa Claus amongst other everyday activities.  Check out the video below. The album, Helplessness Blues, is due out on May 3rd on Sub Pop, head HERE to pre-order.

Indie Folk, News

Sufjan Stevens Releases New EP

No Comments 23 August 2010


On August 20th, 2010, the elusive and illustrious released an 8-song EP.  His label, Asthmatic Kitty, reports that “the EP, All Delighted People, is built around two different versions of Sufjan’s long-form epic ballad “All Delighted People,” a dramatic homage to the Apocalypse, existential ennui, and Paul Simon’s “Sounds of Silence.”  Of course that only makes sense to Mr. Stevens himself, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.  After a full listen through the first word that comes to mind is intriguing.  This is a must listen for any Sufjan fan.

Currently All Delighted People is only available in digital format at Sufjan’s bandcamp site.  The hour long EP can be purchased for a whopping $5 or streamed here free.  Expect the physical CD or double LP later this year.

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