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Chromeo – “Come Alive (ft. Toro y Moi)”

No Comments 30 January 2014

The guys from and Chaz (AKA ) prove they are the coolest in the game with the awesome video for their collab “Come Alive”. Seriously Chaz’s face at 4:03 is pretty priceless.

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Tokyo Police Club – “ARGENTINA (PARTS I, II, III)”

No Comments 11 December 2013

have been known to write short indie rock songs and take their sweet time between albums, they broke one of the molds with the single from their first album of original work in 3 years. Clocking in just shy of 9-minutes, “Argentina (Parts I, II, III)” beats their longest song by 5-minutes. It doesn’t quite sound like the Canadian crew we’re used to, but it feels like an unsurprising spot for them to land as they’ve matured through their last two full lengths. We’re eager for more.

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Cut Copy – “Free Your Mind”

No Comments 17 October 2013

After first releasing their new single at specific billboards only, have now shared the video for Free Your Mind, the first single from their upcoming LP of the same name (out November 5th on Loma Vista/Modular). The track shows ’s 90′s house influences and will definitely work to get the party started on the festival circuit.

P.S. Yes, that is Alexander Skarsgard as a cult leader.

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Coachella Find: Savages

No Comments 10 April 2013

I like to prepare for music festivals by giving every artist a listen.  The great thing about is there are so many artists of all genres that I always come across something I’ve missed.  There are a lot of acts I’m looking forward to that don’t need any coverage: , , , , , , etc.  This is dedicated to those sweet finds that I’m now looking forward to with equal fervor.  See you in the desert.

don’t quite count as a Coachella Find, but since it’s taken me until now to write about them, we’ll let it slide.   As soon as this all female quartet released their debut single “Flying to Berlin” / “Husbands” every blog from here to Pitchfork was all over them, and for good reason. The post-punk group has been heavily likened to Joy Division not only for their sound but approach and general outlook on life and music. See the statement released with the debut single: “For Savages the intention was to create a sound, indestructible and musically solid, written for the stage, designed with enough nuances to provide a wide range of emotions. The songs aim to remind us that human beings haven’t evolved so much, that music can still be straight to the point, efficient and exciting.” Not much else to say. Listen to their newest track from their May 7th Matador release Silence Yourself and check out “Husbands” HERE. It’s loud, passionate, and musical, I’m in.

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The Postal Service – “Turn Around”

No Comments 22 March 2013

We’ve already heard “A Tattered Line of String” and now we get to clamor over the second “new” song from the 10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Give Up “Turn Around”. Starting off a little slow the track quickly turns around (sorry…) into one of the more lively songs from . Enjoy!

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Sigur Rós – “Brennisteinn”

No Comments 22 March 2013

Kveikur, ’s seventh studio album, has been promised to be “more aggressive” than previous records and the first official taste confirms that statement. “Brennisteinn” is chuggier than anything we’ve heard from the Icelandic post-rock trio but still contains Jónsi’s signature angelic vocals. Check out the creepy awesome video above. Kveikur is due out June 18.

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Phoenix – “Entertainment”

No Comments 18 February 2013

have finally released the first single from the impending album Bankrupt! “Entertainment” features a catchy melody that sounds like it’s based on the Oriental Riff, but maybe that’s just me.  No matter, Phoenix are back and just as addictive as ever.  Bankrupt! is due out April 23rd just after their big Saturday headline and also just in time for someone to buy me a copy for my birthday (hint).  Enjoy the lyrics video below.

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Toro Y Moi – “Say That”

No Comments 02 January 2013

’s newest video features Mr Bundick dancing it up in rain forests, chilling hard in fields, serenading dumpsters, and literally hugging trees. The video is for the swanky “Say That” from the upcoming LP Anything in Return due out January 22nd. Chaz Bundick may be the only person that can pull off this level of cool. Enjoy!


Toro y Moi – “So Many Details” Video

No Comments 13 December 2012

’s new video for “So Many Details” could be high end fashion commercial, but it’s not. It’s just a badass video for a super sexy song from Toro’s upcoming album Anything in Return. Once the video clocks 250K views a second video from the album will be released, so watch it…twice.

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St. Lucia – “September”

No Comments 06 December 2012

just unloaded the “September” music video on the unsuspecting masses and it’s full of stunning imagery of egg girls and strobes. The timing is pretty great as our very own Tim is readying to see and interview this Friday…lucky. Enjoy!

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