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The Dismemberment Plan – Uncanney Valley

No Comments 06 November 2013

Rating: 7.5/10

Sitting behind my desk at work, morning coffee in hand and celebrating my fourth wedding anniversary with my wife (and also fellow Plan nut), I was ready to be blown away. As long as I had listened to , I had never had the privilege of buying any of their records on release day. I was introduced to them via my now-wife not long after Change was released and quickly absorbed every second of music I could from them. I was 17 then and their records have provided a soundtrack for my life over the past 12 years. Emergency & I is still one of my all-time favorite albums, earning my rarely doled out “perfect” album ribbon. But being able to snag a new Plan album on release day was new territory and this was my most-anticipated record of the year.

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Candy Claws – Ceres & Calypso in the Deep Time

No Comments 26 August 2013

Rating: 7.5/10

As a self-proclaimed fan of shoegaze and dream pop, I will be the first to admit that there are plenty of times I hear bands with those tags show lots of potential but get too lost in the mood or soundscape they are creating. Regardless of how impressive the layered textures and sounds are, if there isn’t just that little something extra in terms of a hook or distinguishable parts, I am likely to enjoy the record a few times and rarely come back to it again once the newness has worn off. While Colorado-based has toed that line in the past, their latest effort has enough grounding structure to create something both dreamy and catchy at the same time.

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The White Panda – Bearly Legal

No Comments 10 June 2013

Remember Mashups? Yeah yeah, ? That and Linkin Park album from 2004? Good Times. But mashups are still around and they’re still awesome.   are some favorites of ours, of course. And these guys: . We’ve blogged them before and their albums are always chock full of music smashed together from disparate genres to make something that just feels good. Put this album on (IT’S FREE WITH A LIKE OF THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE), crank up your sound system, and enjoy the party music. People will be asking, “Who is this?” all night. Tell them, “It’s The White Panda, and they’re freaking amazing.”
Oh yeah, I guess this is technically an album review: Go download it cause it’s great. 5 out of 5 red solo cups.

The White Panda – Bearly Legal

Secret Bonus: GAME of THRONES theme used against Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

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Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

No Comments 28 July 2010

Album Review

Rating: 7.25/10

Combine the clearness of Fleet Foxes, the afro-beats from Dodos and the cleverness of Pinback.  Add a healthy dose of energy and you’re listening to the .

From LA, they display none of the arrogance you might expect, and provide a surprising amount of little-guy understanding.  Earlier this year they dropped their first full length to the US, , after releasing the same album to impressive reviews in the UK.

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Tokyo Police Club – Champ

No Comments 06 July 2010

Album Review

Rating: 6.5/10

burst on the indie rock scene in 2006 with the concise EP release A Lesson in Crime, quickly becoming one of the most buzzed about new bands of the year. Since then, the Canadian quartet has moved cautiously through the indie rock scene. Two years and one EP later, the group released their first full length, Elephant Shell, a mid-tempo album that despite being melodically sound, left something to be desired.

So we ask the age old question: is TPC a wonderful flash in the pan doomed never to progress due to their attempt to tiptoe through the daunting industry minefield, or a mainstay to bring us fun, fresh indie rock records worth keeping on repeat for a week at a time? With less than an hour of recorded material in four years, the band gives us their answer with their second full length, .

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