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TLC – “Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix)”

No Comments 18 November 2013

The work their magic yet again, this time on the classic “Waterfalls”.  The guys bring new life to the 90′s jam with their unique percussion while leaving the most recognizable elements, like those horns, intact.   prove again that sometimes the best remixes are the most subtle.  Grab the free download below!

Fav Tracks, Remix

The 1979 – “Girls (The Knocks Remix)”

No Comments 06 November 2013

Something to liven up your hump day.  One of our new favorite bands of 2013 remixed by one of our all time favorite production outfits.   take ′s sugary pop ballad “Girls” and shove it straight into the middle of a dance circle.  The NYC guys have a knack for making remixes not sound like remixes and more like a new production all their own.  Enjoy, oh and free download!

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Jay Tee – “My Love (The DFA Remix)”

No Comments 15 October 2013

James Murphy has resurrected “The ” remix moniker for an unexpected mix of a hit from 2006.  Getting rid of the signature skittering Timbaland production and TI vocals, the remix goes with a backing track that fits more in line with what fans of and DFA expect from the label.  The bassline is absolutely killer and the disco sound suits the track perfectly.  In their tweet about the track DFA Records referred to it as part of Throwback Fridays.  I think we are all hoping this will not be the last remix in that series.

Fav Tracks, Hip-Hop, Remix

Bixel Boys Remix Drake

No Comments 29 August 2013

decided to unleash some of the edits they spin live on the unsuspecting public. Basically they’re dope as usual. Love their unorthodox take on both revamping them into midspeed club tracks to keep the masses asway. Always down for more Bixel Boys remixes.

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Walla – “Nature (Pistols & Pints Remix)”

No Comments 14 August 2013

Here’s a little something to get you through your hump day (pun totally intended, see picture).  The inevitable has happened, someone has remixed the so-EDM-ready “Nature” by our friends .  We know plenty about Walla, but nothing about other than the act is LA-based and only has one track to its SoundCloud account, a 2-minute longer edit of this very remix.  The mix lays Jonathan’s vocals over a symphony of prog-house synths and a massive dance beat.  The original begs you to dance, the remix begs you to rage…all night.  Love hearing “new” stuff from the Walla camp, and looking forward to more from Pistols & Pints.

Fav Tracks, Hip-Hop, R&B, Remix

Juicy J ft. The Weeknd – “One Of Those Nights (Onra Remix)”

No Comments 05 August 2013

’s takes on the / collaboration “One Of Those Nights” and sends it interstellar.  The Parisian producer lightens the mood with twinkling, repetive keys and a slick retro bass line.  The original is great, but it’s awesome to hear Juicy and Tesfaye existing on the plane Onra produces.

Electronic, Fav Tracks, Remix

Robin Thicke – “4 Rest Of My Life (Bixel Boys R&B mix)”

No Comments 02 August 2013

are back at it!  The LA duo take a sleepy track from ’s Blurred Lines album and transform it into a smooth grind track.  Around the 40 second mark you’ll start to feel something, then the real freakin’ starts a minute later.  You can almost hear the sweat dripping off this one.

Electronic, Fav Tracks, New Artists, Remix

Bixel Boys

No Comments 28 May 2013

LA DJ duo have been tearing it up on the remix scene lately.  They specialize in turning new and old R&B classics into house dance floor burners.  They first caught my attention with their massive single “Love Like This” which samples the Faith Evans song of the same name (check it out HERE).  After tastefully remixing the King of Pop’s “P.Y.T.” I knew they were here to stay.  What better time to talk about them than after dropping a superb remix of Seal’s “Crazy”?  Oh and cherry on top, all their remixes are up for free download including their take on ’s current chart climber “Blurred Lines”.  Head HERE for downloads and more.

Seal – “Crazy (Bixel Boys Remix)”
Michael Jackson – “P.Y.T. (Bixel Boys VIP Edit)”

Electronic, Fav Tracks, New Artists, Remix

The Chainsmokers

No Comments 21 May 2013

Production duo take very little seriously.  Their bio is full of hilarious misinformation; their photos are full of bad Photoshops putting their faces on famous people or simply saying hello using one finger; they goad one another via Twitter encouraging their fans to choose #teamalex or #teamdrew.  There is one thing these two New Yorkers do not take lightly, and that’s their music.  Their production is on-fuckin’-point.   take tracks from the likes of , , and and create interstellar progressive house bangers.  After listening to their SoundCloud for the past couple months religiously I finally had to write something after their recent and remixes.  Their takes on “Trying To Be Cool” and “Julian” are absolute perfection.  Check them both out below and personal favorite, Daughter’s “Medicine”.  Hope to see these guys in LA soon.

Say Lou Lou – “Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Daughter – “Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix)”

Fav Tracks, Remix

RAC Remixes

No Comments 30 April 2013

Our favorite remixer has been really active lately and it would be a shame not to feature some of it…so why not all of it.  Starting off with the blippy take on ’ “Safe and Sound”, followed the straight forward remix of ’s “Laura Palmer”, then the ambient groove applied to ’s “You Are Dangerous”, and lastly the sad house mix of ’s “Second Summer”.  Enjoy!

Capital Cities – “Safe And Sound (RAC Mix)”
Bastille – “Laura Palmer (RAC Mix)”
Steel Train – “You Are Dangerous (RAC Mix)”
YACHT – “Second Summer (RAC Mix)”


– “Trying To Be Cool (RAC Mix)”

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