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Chad Valley – “Real Time”

No Comments 01 October 2013

released this song as a free download today to promote his current tour with the equally awesome .  A typical Chad Valley track featuring his signature full bodied production and distinct vocals, “Real Time” is a giant nostalgia bomb erupting in your ears.  Make sure you catch the two synthpop powers on tour, see the schedule below.

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Food Coma Remixes

No Comments 23 November 2012

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving week.  Here’s a collection of a few remixes perfect for you turkey–or Tofurkey–coma.   sedates “Warrior”, give their day disco take on ’s “Fly Away”, and a trancey remix of ′s “Sex” by .  Enjoy it with some leftovers.

Queen of Hearts – “Warrior (Chad Valley Radio Mix)”
Laid Back – “Fly Away (Poolside Edit)”
The 1975 – “Sex (Hackman Remix)”


– “Trouble ( Remix)”
– “Bounce 4 Life ( Remix)”

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Chad Valley – “I Owe You This (ft. Twin Shadow)”

No Comments 12 October 2012

It’s not always the case when two great artists get in the booth and you come out with gold, but this time you do.  Hot freakin’ pink gold.  Two of our favorite artists are on this massive track from ’s soon to be released full length Young Hunger.  ”I Owe You This” allows both Hugo Manuel (Chad Valley) and George Lewis Jr. () to show off their unique and exceptional voices.  On first listen it was questionable whether George would be able to hold his own after Hugo absolutely goes off, but then, of course, he kills his verse as well.  Give it a few dozen listens.

Chad Valley – I Owe You This (feat. Twin Shadow)

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Chad Valley – “Tell All Your Friends”

No Comments 05 October 2012

will be releasing his new album Young Hunger on October 30th just in time for your Chad Valley Halloween costume to be relevant (mind the suspenders and hair)!  Check out the upbeat cut “Tell All Your Friends” in which Valley brings his distinct vocals back to the front over a retro-flared hip-hop beat.  Enjoy!

Chad Valley – “Tell All Your Friends”

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Chad Valley – “Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)”

No Comments 19 September 2012

dropped a new track about a month ago via his new label Cascine entitled “Fall 4 U”.  It features guest vocalist Cameron Mesirow (better known as ) and is originally a bit of a slow burner as the two sing of a love affair.  Swedish producer Dan ’s take on the song is much different giving it a worldbeat backdrop in lieu of electronic synths and beats.  Listen to the original HERE.

Chad Valley – “Fall 4 U (Lissvik Remix)”

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Chad Valley

No Comments 12 December 2011

This one could be a missed in 2010, definitely should have been posted here a long time ago.  But like I said things happen.  In addition to being a part of indie rock outfit , Oxford based musician Hugo Manuel also records under the name Chad Valley.  Manuel released the EP Equatorial Ultravox earlier this year to great reviews.  The second effort of the bedroom production project is both subdued and huge at once.  It would be easy to label it chillwave and move on, but where many artists of the genre rely on haze for their sound Manuel uses it to merely loft his hook-driven tracks higher and higher.  Listen to standouts from Equatorial Ultravox “Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel)” and “Fast Challenges” and his recent remix of .

Chad Valley – “Now That I’m Real (How Does It Feel) (ft. Rose Dagul)”
Chad Valley – “Fast Challenges”
The Drums – “Money (Chad Valley Remix)”

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