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Tegan and Sara – “Closer (The Knocks Remix)”

No Comments 29 January 2013

StB fav take on ’s radio charting single “Closer”.  End result?  Magic of course.

Tegan and Sara – “Closer (The Knocks Remix)”

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Too Much Retro Weekend Mix

No Comments 08 November 2012

Yes. The weekend smell is drifting up to you. In 48 short hours, you’ll be wearing your favorite tank top, tossing back beers and forgetting about that meeting where Carla made that bitchy face at you when you mentioned the coffee filter needing to be replaced every time someone uses it. Everyone knows it’s you, Carla. Don’t be like that.

TANK TOPS. BEERS. THE EIGHTIES. It’s all shooting around your mind like a ninja turtle on a Mattel hover-board and eating spaghetti-os out of your Chip and Dale thermos. And this is your inspired soundtrack. It’s not from the eighties, but it sure sounds like it.

remixes a catchy pop song to make it acceptable and even more dance-able, smashes up a hip-hop anthem and some Casio inspired craziness to make some “Gooooo”, and gets remixed to sound like something delicious Prince and collaborated on (IF ONLY).

Metro Station – “Shake It (Futurecop! Remix)”
The Hood Internet – “Goooo In Paris (Jay-Z & Kanye West vs. TNGHT)”
Aeroplane – “In Her Eyes (ft. Jamie Principle) (Beni Remix)”

BONUS ROUND: I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’m in love with this. Every inspirational eighties song rolled into one megamix the perfect length for a workout.

– Blood Bros III: Back in America

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White Panda “White Panda vs. Gangam Style”

No Comments 23 September 2012

I have nothing to say except hell yeah. . . Internet Trends. Mash up. Dance Party.


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Weekend Mix

No Comments 04 November 2011

It’s been a bit since we posted a weekend mix so their seems no better reason than my bashed up toe.  Nothing better to kick your weekend off than a stellar mashup by featuring and StB fav’s .  And there’s no reason not to throw a new remix in, especially a Beyoncé one.  Follow that up with the masterly mixing of Big Sean and Wolfgang Gartner by and a sunny remix by LA’s of and we’re talking party.  Last but not one of my favorite remixers a take on ’s “Nightdrive With You”.  Enjoy some good beer!

Captain Cuts – “Dancing With Avicii (Avicii vs. The Knocks)”

Beyoncé – “Countdown (RWR Remix)”

The Hood Internet – “The Way Marvin Was (Big Sean x Wolfgang Gartner)”

Gigamesh – “Red Light (Goldroom Remix)”

Anoraak – “Nightdrive With You (Fear of Tigers Remix)”

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Neon Hitch

No Comments 30 September 2011

Over the past couple months I’ve noticed this gal popping up all over the internet.  At first I wrote her off thinking it was merely her “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude and outside the box style that got her the attention.  I blamed it on our strange fascination of watching a pop-culture train wreck unfold in front of our eyes (see Kreayshawn).  Then I heard her sing.  I was wrong.  Neon Hitch basically embodies the voice of Amy Winehouse, the style of Lady Gaga, and the anthem-tendencies of Britney Spears.  Listen to her first single “Get Over U” below.

Neon Hitch – “Get Over U”

Neon Hitch has had an interesting story so far.  She was born in London and grew up in a gypsy-sort of lifestyle as a street performer also working in the circus before running off to India for several years in her teens.  Also, yes Neon Hitch is her birth given name.  Fortunately her talent was eventually discovered being signed to Warner Bros in early 2010.  Hitch recorded what would be a debut album, but from what I’ve seen only select singles like “Get Over U” have been released.  She’s not sitting idle though, recently she’s been releasing hip-hop covers including personal favorite ’s “No Hands”.

This girl will be huge soon…then I’ll have to stop liking her.

Neon Hitch – “No Hands (Waka Flocka Cover)”

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Chiddy Bang – “Mind Your Manners”

1 Comment 06 July 2011

It’s been quite awhile since there has been a update around here, but that doesn’t mean the duo hasn’t stayed busy.  They’ve been performing at festivals around the country (see Bonnaroo) alongside players like Lil Wayne, Big Sean, and .  And after setting the world record for the longest freestyle, they’ve released the first single from their long awaited and upcoming debut album “Breakfast”.  With a catchy chorus and an energetic feel, the upbeat tune could catch some buzz in the pop world.  Check it out.

Chiddy Bang – “Mind Your Manners”


If you can’t wait until July 17th for “Breakfast”, snack on the latest full length mixtape “Peanut Butter and Swelly” available on their Bandcamp page, which includes a sample and some nice work with .

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DUCKTAILS – “Killin the Vibe (ft. Panda Bear)”

No Comments 12 January 2011

Fav Track

If you haven’t heard of , it is the brainchild, private experiment, and solo project of Matthew Mondanile, the guitarist for the New Jersey rooted psychedelic surf pop band: .  Known for recording in tool sheds and his parent’s basement, listening is a prying look into the Ducktails psyche.  He easily bridges the gap between noise and pop music, with a dreamy drone sound and agreeable guitar riffs.  And it doesn’t hurt when you throw a into the mix.  Grab a listen.

Ducktails – “Killin the Vibe (ft. Panda Bear)”

completes an LP trilogy and is set to release on Woodsist Records on January 18, 2011.  To get this Panda Bear bonus track, make sure  to grab it on iTunes or order the Vinyl.

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Tennis – “Seafarer”

No Comments 06 January 2011

Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore’s path toward the formation of is an inspiring tale.  Dreaming of a life on the sea, the Denver-ite lovers set their minds towards purchasing a sail boat and made it happen through years of saving.  The self taught sailors embarked on a 7 month journey up the North American coastline, a 2500-mile trek oozing with the kind of minimalistic experiences most of us dream about.  After returning home and eventually signing with Fat Possum Records, we’re sure to hear some interesting stuff from them for some time.

” is the newest single from the upcoming album and is most certainly a direct product of their unique trip.  It expresses how love-filled months at sea should feel, the lo-fi sound points out the beauty in simplicity, and reminds of that retro prom you’ve always imagined.   will be released January 18, 2011 on Fat Possum Records.  Order a copy HERE.

Tennis - Seafarer

Tennis has already hit the road, and will soon be setting sail for an extensive US tour, capping it off at .  Read more for the full itinerary.

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Ellie Goulding Covers Rihanna

No Comments 10 December 2010

New Fav Track

British singer-songwriter stopped by BBC Radio One today and performed a elegant cover of ’s chart topping “Only Girl”.  Goulding’s version opts for a backing string section and raw emotion over house synths and a down beat giving the song a wonderful new feel.  Listen below courtesy of ArjanWrites.

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New Robyn Single

No Comments 02 August 2010

– “Hang With Me”

Swedish pop princess Robyn will be releasing her 2nd album of 2010, (the sequel to Pt. 1), next month.  The first single, “Hang With Me,” is a catchy electropop tune in which Robyn requests for us to not “fall recklessly, headlessly in love” with her…too late Robyn.  Just to tease us a bit more the singer gives us an endearing documentary-style video to accompany the single.  In it we get a personal look at our beloved Dancehall Queen mingling with fans, performing in hotel rooms, and even riding a roller coaster.  Body Talk Pt. 2 will be released September 6th giving her a mere four months to release her proposed 3rd album of 2010.

Robyn – Hang With Me official video from Robyn on Vimeo.

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