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Gilbere Forte – “Nolita (ft. Active Child)”

0 Comments 22 May 2013

This track is great.  I was unfamiliar with Gilbere Forte before, but he is now clear on the radar.  For those–like myself–initially taken aback by Active Child’s involvement in a hip-hop track, I’ll let Mr. Grossi explain for himself:

“anyone who knows me well, knows that i was born and raised on hip hop. this may come as a surprise considering the aesthetic I’ve created w/ AC, but it has had a massive impact on me as a songwriter and producer. its a genre i will always be passionate about. so although collab’s like this might feel like a curveball, its just me being me, bringing what I do to music I admire. hope you enjoy the track, more to come. and obviously plenty more AC. Pat xo” -via Facebook

“Nolita” is from Forte’s newest mixtape Pray available for free download at his website HERE.

– “Nolita (ft. )”



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