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Tennis – “Seafarer”

0 Comments 06 January 2011

Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore’s path toward the formation of is an inspiring tale.  Dreaming of a life on the sea, the Denver-ite lovers set their minds towards purchasing a sail boat and made it happen through years of saving.  The self taught sailors embarked on a 7 month journey up the North American coastline, a 2500-mile trek oozing with the kind of minimalistic experiences most of us dream about.  After returning home and eventually signing with Fat Possum Records, we’re sure to hear some interesting stuff from them for some time.

Seafarer” is the newest single from the upcoming album and is most certainly a direct product of their unique trip.  It expresses how love-filled months at sea should feel, the lo-fi sound points out the beauty in simplicity, and reminds of that retro prom you’ve always imagined.  Cape Dory will be released January 18, 2011 on Fat Possum Records.  Order a copy HERE.

Tennis - Seafarer

Tennis has already hit the road, and will soon be setting sail for an extensive US tour, capping it off at .  Read more for the full itinerary.

TENNIS 2011 Tour

7           The Lexington                    London, UK
8           Paradiso                               Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
10         Emporium Galorium       Rouen, FRANCE
11          La Maroquinerie               Paris, FRANCE
13          ISC Club                              Berne, SWITZERLAND
14          59:1                                       Munich, DE
15          Comet Club                        Berlin, DE
16          Beatlemania                      Hamberg, GERMANY
18          White Heat                        London, UK
19          Cockpit Room 3                Leeds, UK
27         Urban Lounge                    Salt Lake City, UT
28         The Neurolux                     Boise, ID
29         Mississippi Studios           Portland, OR
31         Media Club                          Vancouver, BC

1          The Crocodile                       Seattle, WA
3          Bottom of the Hill               San Francisco, CA
4          Echo                                         Los Angeles, CA
5          The Tin Can Ale House       San Diego, CA
7          Hotel Congress                     Tucson, AZ
8          Rhythm Room                      Phoenix, AZ
10        Hi Dive                                    Denver, CO
17        Jackpot                                   Lawrence, KS
18        Slowdown                             Omaha, NE
19        7th Street Entry                   Minneapolis, MN
21        High Noon Saloon              Madison, WI
22        Lincoln Hall                        Chicago, IL
25        Horseshoe Tavern            Toronto, ON
26        Il Motore                             Montreal, QC
27        Iron Horse                          Northampton, MA
28        Great Scott                         Boston, MA

2          Bowery Ballroom                 New York City, NY
3          The Bell House                    Brooklyn, NY
4          Johnny Brenda’s                  Philadelphia, PA
5          Rock and Roll Hotel            Washington, DC
7          Local 506                               Chapel Hill, NC
8          Grey Eagle                            Asheville, NC
10        The Basement                     Nashville, TN
11        The Earl                                 Atlanta, GA
12        The Social                            Orlando, FL
13        The Orpheum                       Tampa, FL
15        The Parish @ HOB             New Orleans, LA
16        SXSW                                    Austin, TX



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