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Walk The Moon – “Anna Sun”

1 Comment 07 March 2011

Walk The Moon’s “Anna Sun” has already been on heavy rotation on the Tape Deck but after watching the video recently it felt due for it’s own post. It’s not because the song or the video is that amazing (believe me both are great) but more that they are a great compliment to each other.  It’s almost difficult to figure which was written first.

The lyrics to “Anna Sun” describe both a broken-down, hapless situation and hazy childhood memories of freedom and playfulness.  The juxtaposition of the scenarios is easily relatable to the use of ‘acting like a child’ as means of disconnecting from one’s current reality and in some ways an infusion of hope (or just escapism).  The video is a dreamlike party equipped with crazy characters and synchronized dance culminating with a paint/dance party in a field where the players literally become kids again.  Prior to ever seeing this video I imagined these exact scenes.  The song lyrics and melody are packed to the brim with so much nostalgia and vitality that it’s difficult to imagine any other turn of events than a dream-party-with-choreography-followed-by-dance-party-with-paint-in-a-field.

Enjoy the video above and the song below.  ’s debut album I Want, I Want is out now.  More on them HERE.

Walk The Moon – “Anna Sun”

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2007282 Philip Metz

    Thanks again for another classic.

    I would have expected a female lead for to be in the video for the speaker to converse with, but with the idea of loss pervading it all it seems more necessary for her to not be there at all; were she to exist in the video it wouldn’t allow as much viewer interaction. We are to place our own “Anna Sun” in the video and experience the song through that. Placing a character there takes away the mystery.

    In other news, that paint party looks fun as hell. I’m thinking I should organize one.

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