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The White Panda – Bearly Legal

No Comments 10 June 2013

Remember Mashups? Yeah yeah, ? That and Linkin Park album from 2004? Good Times. But mashups are still around and they’re still awesome.   are some favorites of ours, of course. And these guys: . We’ve blogged them before and their albums are always chock full of music smashed together from disparate genres to make something that just feels good. Put this album on (IT’S FREE WITH A LIKE OF THEIR FACEBOOK PAGE), crank up your sound system, and enjoy the party music. People will be asking, “Who is this?” all night. Tell them, “It’s The White Panda, and they’re freaking amazing.”
Oh yeah, I guess this is technically an album review: Go download it cause it’s great. 5 out of 5 red solo cups.

The White Panda – Bearly Legal

Secret Bonus: GAME of THRONES theme used against Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?

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No Comments 31 May 2013

Here’s something to help you on those long summer drives, sun setting off to your right as you push your car towards the one person you need to see right then. is a group from New York and Germany that is putting together their debut album with the help of Jean Philip Grobler, a.k.a. .   weaves a beautifully haunting style that is becoming increasingly familiar, but not losing it’s ability to pull people in: a beautiful female voice fronting an electronically driven group that creates soundscapes in their songs. Each track takes you out and pulls you along it’s beautiful journey to wherever it is you need to get to.  Check out “All The Days” and “Wings” on their soundcloud page and look for their new album coming soon.

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Mrs. Skannotto Tour

No Comments 31 May 2013

We haven’t featured a lot of music on here, but something about this band and their new album made me HAVE to post something. has been around for a while, but their newest album, All These Evolutions is third wave ska with a great sensibility for melody especially on the track, “Lost and Found.” They’re from New York, but touring the east coast and if you like ska at all or used to and haven’t given it a listen in a while, then now’s the time. They’re apparently touring with ska legends and it should be a great show. Check out their bandcamp to stream and buy the album.

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Too Much Retro Weekend Mix

No Comments 08 November 2012

Yes. The weekend smell is drifting up to you. In 48 short hours, you’ll be wearing your favorite tank top, tossing back beers and forgetting about that meeting where Carla made that bitchy face at you when you mentioned the coffee filter needing to be replaced every time someone uses it. Everyone knows it’s you, Carla. Don’t be like that.

TANK TOPS. BEERS. THE EIGHTIES. It’s all shooting around your mind like a ninja turtle on a Mattel hover-board and eating spaghetti-os out of your Chip and Dale thermos. And this is your inspired soundtrack. It’s not from the eighties, but it sure sounds like it.

remixes a catchy pop song to make it acceptable and even more dance-able, smashes up a hip-hop anthem and some Casio inspired craziness to make some “Gooooo”, and gets remixed to sound like something delicious Prince and collaborated on (IF ONLY).

Metro Station – “Shake It (Futurecop! Remix)”
The Hood Internet – “Goooo In Paris ( & Kanye West vs. TNGHT)”
Aeroplane – “In Her Eyes (ft. Jamie Principle) (Beni Remix)”

BONUS ROUND: I don’t know what’s happening but I think I’m in love with this. Every inspirational eighties song rolled into one megamix the perfect length for a workout.

– Blood Bros III: Back in America

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Citizen – Young States

No Comments 31 October 2012

I went out to a local show that happened to feature ; the new album Young States is out, on iTunes, and is delicious. Get it if you don’t have it, listen to it here streaming if you want, but always, always, always, support what you like. I got the chance to ask them a few questions about their influences and upcoming shows.

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White Panda “White Panda vs. Gangam Style”

No Comments 23 September 2012

I have nothing to say except hell yeah. . . Internet Trends. Mash up. Dance Party.


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Betamaxx playlist

No Comments 13 September 2012

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention. If not, here’s the big news: The 80′s, somehow, have defied the “20 year Trend” of music and fashion and are back AGAIN in a new and interesting way. Standouts are releasing a new album that you can pre-order here, and newcomer is still pumping out jams. Known by us humans as Nick Morey, this possibly part android (unconfirmed) recently put up a playlist called “Lost Formats” , so if you’re up for a neon maxxed out thrill ride, turn this on at work. Those spreadsheets and memo’s will feel like they’re coming from Marty McFly himself.

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Madeon – “The City”

No Comments 28 August 2012


This guy. This friggin guy. When he broke out on the scene in 2011 with his Pop Culture Mashup, people ate it up. Then we heard his remixes. Now his original stuff is coming out and it’s a night sky on a Miami rooftop meeting the love of your life while fireworks explode over the bay type track for sure. Collaborating with Zak Waters and Cass Lowe, he’s pushing for the big crowd electronic style of acts like Kaskade and Tiesto. He’s still got the micro-cut and video game synth style, but he’s cleaned up the super glitchyness into a smooth, easy to listen to and VERY easy to dance to track. It’s the difference between great and AMAZING. We’re super excited for everything he’s got coming out and you gotta get a piece of this. Madeon said on his facebook page, “This song is really close to me and I’ve been really overwhelmed by the positive reception to the teaser. If you like it, let people know.” You heard him, tell everyone.

Listen and close your eyes, take her hand, and sing along. You’re going on a ride tonight.

You’re riding to “The City”

Madeon – “The City”

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Barry Manilow – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Amtrac Remix)”

1 Comment 26 August 2012

Hurricane’s coming, but no wind or rain can stop the smooth voice of Barry Manilow over this quick and pretty dance piece. covers it gracefully building into the get down section with some great filters. I’m all over this disco craze that seems to be sweeping the electronic scene (see the Fukuyuma track “Bigger Boss” if you want a great example.) Put this on and get down for a bit. Monday is around the corner and so is that hurricane. But hey, everything’s gonna be alright.

Barry Manilow – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright (Amtrac Remix)”

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No Comments 18 August 2012

So there you are, slinking along a dark alley in pursuit of the leader of the local drug cartel. Your letterman style jacket shows you’re a cop who doesn’t play by the rules. Your wisecracks show that you’re too intelligent to be fooled by the average bad guy. Your dark skin shows that you are totally Eddie Murphy and this is Beverly Hills Cop. As much as we all love the Harold Faltemeyer classic theme to BHC, we want something new. The throwback that carries the feel but pushes the horizon. Here it is. provides the music for your slummy inner city cop work and the track “Pittsburg Nights” definitely carries the same dark underbelly cuts that you need to feel just like Axel Foley.

All of his tracks are eighties without the extra cheese. There’s something adventurous about tracks like “Restless.” We’re going back to the land of  neon and teen movies with a message. Listen to his whole page you won’t regret it.

Betamaxx – “Pittsburgh Nights”
Betamaxx – “Restless”

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