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Chlöe Howl

No Comments 27 March 2013

is the 17 year old British singer above who recently released her Rumour EP for free download (awesome).  Don’t let her sprite face fool you, both standout tracks from the EP below, “Rumour” and “No Strings”, show a grown up and somewhat tainted outlook on the world.  The more uplifting “Rumour” features several disheartening storylines all followed by “Perhaps it’s just a rumor” and the mature mantra “I’m just trying to work out how to be like myself”.  The second “No Strings” tells the simple story of young love until the chorus kicks in with “Fuck your no strings” showing again a seasoned attitude this time to the friends with benefits game.  Great lyrics aside both tracks feature catchy electronic pop and Howl’s amazing vocals that range from gorgeous to gritty (file next to Adele if you must).  Head HERE to grab the EP for free.

Chlöe Howl – “Rumour”

Chlöe Howl – “No Strings”

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