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Local Natives – Gorilla Manor

No Comments 28 July 2010

Album Review

Rating: 7.25/10

Combine the clearness of Fleet Foxes, the afro-beats from Dodos and the cleverness of Pinback.  Add a healthy dose of energy and you’re listening to the .

From LA, they display none of the arrogance you might expect, and provide a surprising amount of little-guy understanding.  Earlier this year they dropped their first full length to the US, , after releasing the same album to impressive reviews in the UK.

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Fav Tracks, Remix

Local Natives – “Wide Eyes (Fool’s Gold Remix ft. Aristotle Pop A Bottle)”

No Comments 21 July 2010

New Fav Track

is one of our fav new bands so a remix of “Wide Eyes” is welcome here at slapthebass.  But turning the wistful, contemplative ballad into a synth-laden, heavy hittin’ hip-hop track?  Touche Fool’s Gold…touche.

Local Natives’ is out now.

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