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The Chainsmokers

No Comments 21 May 2013

Production duo take very little seriously.  Their bio is full of hilarious misinformation; their photos are full of bad Photoshops putting their faces on famous people or simply saying hello using one finger; they goad one another via Twitter encouraging their fans to choose #teamalex or #teamdrew.  There is one thing these two New Yorkers do not take lightly, and that’s their music.  Their production is on-fuckin’-point.   take tracks from the likes of , , and and create interstellar progressive house bangers.  After listening to their SoundCloud for the past couple months religiously I finally had to write something after their recent and remixes.  Their takes on “Trying To Be Cool” and “Julian” are absolute perfection.  Check them both out below and personal favorite, Daughter’s “Medicine”.  Hope to see these guys in LA soon.

Say Lou Lou – “Julian (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Phoenix – “Trying To Be Cool (The Chainsmokers Remix)”
Daughter – “Medicine (The Chainsmokers Remix)”

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Say Lou Lou – “Fool Of Me (Ft. Chet Faker)”

No Comments 07 May 2013

The B-side to ’s new single “Julian” is pretty much that, the opposite.  Even with the similar somber electronic sound, “Fool of Me” is a love story shot through a different lens.  ”Fool of Me”, featuring fellow Australian , is the age old tale of trying to will one’s love to be returned, whereas “Julian” is hopeful yet still tragic.  Both are amazing as the Lou Lou ladies keep stacking on their successes.  ”Julian”/”Fool of Me” are out now for download or limited 7-inch vinyl addition.

Say Lou Lou – “Fool of Me (Ft. Chet Faker)”

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Say Lou Lou – “Julian”

No Comments 18 April 2013

The Swedish/Australian Kilbey twins are at it again with a new single and a new name change.  Doesn’t matter if they’re Saint Lou Lou, SLL, or now they still deliver a stunning track.  ”Julian” is a simple but powerful story of love and the borders they’ll cross to be with the one they love.  Musically it fits the mold of “Maybe You” stitching together a blend of trip-hop and somber electronic.  Enjoy!

Say Lou Lou – “Julian”

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Goldroom – “Sweetness Alive (ft. SLL)”

No Comments 29 November 2012

invites you to escape your cold rainy day to join him and the sisters, who apparently now go by just , on a tropical island.  His new track “Sweetness Alive” is basically sweetness embodied in musical form as the trio effortlessly create a carefree nu-disco sound made for warmer weather.  Enjoy!

Goldroom – “Sweetness Alive (ft. SLL)”


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Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You”

No Comments 14 September 2012

is the duo of Swedish/Australian twin sisters Miranda and Elektra Kilbey.  Their sound is as strikingly elegant as their promo shot above.  A delicate backing track allows the girls’ equally delicate vocals to stand out rising higher by the forlorn chorus.  The excellent yet barren backdrop to the beautiful vocals worries me that we’re going to hear a lot of obnoxious remixes in the coming months (please dubstep, just stop), but for now you can also check an official remix by HERE.

Saint Lou Lou – “Maybe You”

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