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The Killers – “Runaways (RAC Mix)”

No Comments 07 February 2013

This was impossible not to post.  One of my all time favorite bands, , remixed by one of my current (maybe all time) favorite remixers, .  There’s everything you could want, bouncing synths, four on the floor, hand claps, and Brandon Flowers of course.

The Killers – “Runaways (RAC Mix)”

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The Killers – “Runaways”

No Comments 11 July 2012

Those polarizing Las Vegasans (Vegasites?) are back with the first track from Battle Born due out this fall. No one was sure if we would even get a new Killers album but fortunately for us they’re back with “Runaways”. Landing equidistant between the sounds of ’06′s Sam’s Town and ’08′s Day & Age, the track is, of course, larger than humanly possible proving that maybe Flower’s and company are just dancers. With the gritty guitar chugging of the former, a dash of hooky synths via the latter, and overall bombasticness of, well The Killers, “Runaways” has pleased this fan.

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Mochi Beats – “Money to Brightside”

1 Comment 07 February 2011

Here at slapthebass we’re a sucker for a good mashup. Every Monday we’ll bring you one of our fav’s for your listening pleasure.

This week’s mashup comes from a Sunset In The Rearview commissioned mixtap entitled Welcome Back, Weezy takes ’s Remix of ’ “Mr. Brightside” and laces it with and ’s “Money to Blow”.  Props to SITR for setting up the mixtape.   Enjoy!

Mochi Beats – Money to Brightside (The Killers/Thin White Duke vs. Lil Wayne/Drake)”

More on Mochi Beats HERE.

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