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Walla – “Nature (Pistols & Pints Remix)”

No Comments 14 August 2013

Here’s a little something to get you through your hump day (pun totally intended, see picture).  The inevitable has happened, someone has remixed the so-EDM-ready “Nature” by our friends .  We know plenty about Walla, but nothing about other than the act is LA-based and only has one track to its SoundCloud account, a 2-minute longer edit of this very remix.  The mix lays Jonathan’s vocals over a symphony of prog-house synths and a massive dance beat.  The original begs you to dance, the remix begs you to rage…all night.  Love hearing “new” stuff from the Walla camp, and looking forward to more from Pistols & Pints.


Walla Interview

1 Comment 15 July 2013

This past Saturday played an amazing set at their Nature EP release show at the Viper Room in Hollywood.  It was great to see the guys live and witness their genuine enthusiasm for their music.  Pulling from the old and new EPs, unrecorded material, and even a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Rock With You”, the five piece kept the crowd and themselves entertained.  Even through some minor technical difficulties they played with the passion and excitement you wish every band played with.  This will definitely not be my last Walla show.  I caught up with the guys for a quick interview before sound check where we talked about the band’s inception, future, and more.

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Walla – Nature EP Release

No Comments 12 July 2013

Need something to do this weekend?  How about checking out one last time before you have to scalp tickets off the street for double the price?  Ok, maybe a bit of an exageration, but these guys are going places.  The LA synth-rockers will be performing at the Viper Room in Hollywood in support of their newly released Nature EP.  We’ll be there, bells included.  Nature EP is available for purchase HERE now.  Listen to the single by the same name below and come ready to dance.

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WALLA – “No Time”

No Comments 08 May 2013

’s “No Time” is a track that grabs you immediately.  Every layer is built with the intent to be (good) catchy, whether it’s the opening synth chords, anthemic falsetto chorus, groove-disco drums, or awesome guitar/synth sound that kicks in during the bridges, there are no weak links.  LA-based fit right into the current upswell of indie pop rock immediately standing alongside peers like and Youngblood Hawke after only having released their debut EP Animal of Love last November.  The song “No Time” will appear on the next EP Nature on June 4th.  Enjoy the single below and grab the excellent Animal of Love for free HERE.

WALLA – “No Time”

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