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We all remember pretending to be our favorite 8-bit character when we were kids.  Megaman, Mario, Luigi (what kind of sad kid were you?) Samus (for gamer girls), the list goes on.  Some of you might remember doing this last week.  We all have music from our favorite games to accompany us on this imagination land adventure.  Someone took that to another level; someone decided pretend wasn’t enough and they hacked a NES console to pull those sounds out and make the most adventurous, pop-punky, chiptune  you’ve ever heard.  Anamanaguchi is that someone.  And we may have missed them in 2011 (or maybe 2010) but they’re taking off in a big way.  They wrote and performed the “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game” soundtrack and have remixes from and of Das Racist and .  Check them out on the most recent single “Airbrushed,” the track, “Rainbow in the Dark ( Remix),” and a track from their first EP “Jetpack Blues, Sunset Hues.”  More on head HERE.

Anamanaguchi – “Airbrushed”

Anamanaguchi – “Rainbow in the Dark (Das Racist Remix)”



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