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An Official Intro – PJ

0 Comments 19 June 2012

Greetings all.  As the newest member of the SlaptheBass team, I felt I should give a quick introduction to the types of things you can expect to see from me.  As you can tell from some earlier posts, I am very much into exactly what the other guys are (and hopefully what you are). This is an opportunity to show maybe where I stray a bit from the norm. Let’s get this mini mix started with three tracks I want you to hear.  The first is from long standing members of the electronic dance scene Data Romance.  This guy girl duo recently put out several covers to thank their loyal fans. One stood out like a rose in a daisy bouquet.  Data Romance has covered Tom Waits’ “Clap Hands” to make an ethereal trip through this chilled down re-imagining of a great track.  They have also covered Deftones, Miike Snow, and Johnny Cash for this effort.

Data Romance – “Clap Hands (Tom Waits Cover)”

Next up is a DJ Steve remix of Girls’ Generation track, “Mr. Taxi.”  This one is straight club: Pump your fist, drink your vodka waters, and hit the floor for the hook. We all need a little more K-Pop in our life, and this is a diluted version of it, but still fun.

Girls’ Generation – “Mr. Taxi (Aoki Remix)”

This final track gets my vote because it’s Portal related.  ’s mashup “Still Alive ( vs )” is a brostep mix that is sure to annoy your parents and knock the Skrillex right out of you.  He plays with empty space a bit making the track sound like it’s taking deep breaths and getting ready for the big drops.  Fun tracks all three, and I hope you enjoy them.

TheFatRat – “Still Alive (Zedd vs. GLaDOS)”



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