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Coachella 2014 Lineup

No Comments 09 January 2014


The 2014 lineup has just been released and per usual, it’s pretty awesome.  The big news being the confirmation of the much rumored reunion, with and rounding out the headliners.  But the hits keep on coming.  Notable second tier acts are , , , , , , and .  Following those are what tend to be my favorite part, the early acts, featuring some of our favorites like , , , , , , , , and…well you get the point.  Tickets go on sale Friday (info) and they’re already advising people try for Weekend 2.  Click more or head HERE for the full lineup.  See you in the desert!

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Mirror Talk – “Don’t”

No Comments 03 October 2013

defines themselves on their Facebook page as + + Martin Hannett, which is pretty dead on.  The first single from their upcoming EP “Don’t” sounds like an all-star writing collaboration between the former two produced by the late great co-founder of Factory Records.  It could be the perfect new wave song but it contains a level of passion that isn’t met by current bands of the genre setting it apart into its own category.  It comes down to singer Court Alexander’s performance on the track.  It’s one thing to have a great voice, it’s another to be a great singer which he shows to the fullest extent in the song’s closing remarks from 3:30 on.  Listen to “Don’t” below from the EP due out November 9th.

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